American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


6. //Girl//

Calum, Michael and Dylan have become really good friends.

After weeks of texting and taking Dylan out to places, their friendship becoming stronger each day, Michael and Calum decided to start learning sign language.

With the purpose of communicating better with Dylan. They have been practicing a lot. Now being able to talk with Dylan through signs, but they just know the basics.

Dylan appreciates them trying. She knows it takes a long time to be truly fluent at ASL.

Today, the three of them were going to the mall to do some shopping.


Dylan's birthday was coming up and Michael decide to take her on a road trip. The kind of road trip were you don't know where you'll end up.

Dylan had told Calum she has liked the idea of a road trip since she was a little kid. Her parents never took her to places. She could barely see the world outside her fence.

Calum then told Michael and he loved the idea. They had enough money and spending it on one of their best friends was the best idea to them.

Though Dylan doesn't know what the two boys' plan was. She just agreed with them when they told her to get ready because a shopping trip was scheduled for the day.

So far, they have been to 4stores. They were tired. Stopping for a McDonald's sounds good at the moment.

"So, we want to tell you the reason for this shopping trip." Calum said. Via text message. Too complicated sentence to say through sign language.

"Which is . . .?"

They boys had huge smiles on their faces. Which confused Dylan a little.

"We are taking you on a road trip!" Michael knew enough sign language to say that whole sentence so it was easy for Dylan to understand. He picked up a little more than Calum on the ASL.

She looked excited. Huge smile plastered on her face. She has know this boys for about two months. Their concern and love for her was beyond amazing.

Michael felt like an older brother to her. Ever since that day at the shop and the phone incident, he has felt the need to protect her and know her better. In a friendly way of course.

Calum was the same. Michael's love for Dylan rubbing off on him. He understands her. He cares for her. He loves her. It's a really great friendship the three of them shared.

"For real?!" Dylan was so happy. This is by far the nicest thing anyone has offered to her.

"Yes, for real babe. Consider it a birthday present!" The boys were also pumped by the idea of going on a road trip with their best friend.

"I love you guys, thank you!" She hugged both of them.

For the rest of the shopping day they discussed what were going to do for this road trip. The smile never left her face. These boys were the best thing that's happened in her life so far.

It was about seven at night now. The three of them exhausted.

Who knew shopping was so energy consuming? It should be considered a sport.

Dylan's coffee craving overcame her senses. She told the boys to make one last stop before going home. That stop is Starbucks.

Smell of fresh coffee wafted up Dylan's nose when she entered the place. Calum ordered for the three of them and they sat at a table by the window, chatting about the latest music videos.

They finished their coffees, well Calum and Dylan did, and they were on their way home. Exhausted after a busy day.

On the way out, Dylan didn't see the two figures coming in and she bumped into one.

She looked up to see the most beautiful pair of blue eyes she's ever seen.

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