American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


4. //Girl//

Green. Red. Yellow. Purple. Black. Blonde. Pink. Blue.

Dylan smiled. She wanted to do a dip dye on her hair. She thought about it a long time. Trying to determine what color. She wanted a change. Her dark Brown hair was boring for her. She picked up the box and went to pay for it. She always panicked a little when going to the register. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t hear people.

She couldn’t read lips either. It wasn’t a skill she has developed. She always had someone with her. Today no one could come with her. She decided for once she wanted to come alone. She walked up to the register and placed the box and other things on the belt. The items were scanned. She had to pay now. But she got interested in some candy next to the register. The middle aged woman behind the register was getting impatient. She tried to call her name multiple times but she wouldn’t turn around.

Luckily a boy was in line behind her. Red hair. Snapback. Eyebrow Piercing. Tattoos.

He put a hand on her shoulder. She was startled but turned around. She saw the woman with a frown on her face and looking impatient. She took some money from her pockets and gave it to the woman. The receipt was printed and Dylan was on her way out. Her cheeks red and hot.

She got out of the shop and started making her way back home. To her apartment.

She never realized that while taking the money out of her pocket, her phone had fallen off. By the time the boy realized, she was already out of the shop. He paid for his things and went off looking for the girl. He caught her before she could turn the corner.

“Hey.” He put a hand on her shoulder. She turned around, obviously startled. “You forgot your phone.” He showed her the phone in his hands. She took it and smiled and him. She started to walk again. He frowned. She didn’t answer his questions.

He went after her.

She felt a hand on her shoulder for the fourth time that day. He started talking to her. He wanted to know her name.

She just stared at him. She knew he was talking to her. She just didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t read lip. She started panicking. Her hands started to sweat. Her breathing becoming fast. He noticed. He wanted to know if she was okay. Also why she never answered him.

She had an idea. She took out her phone. She started typing.

“My name is Dylan. What’s yours?”

She showed him the phone. He was confused but he read the notes. Finally. He took the phone from her hands and began typing.

“My name’s Michael. Nice to meet you Dylan. If you don’t mind, may I ask why we can’t talk? Like, verbally?”

She read everything. She gulped. She knew she could tell him. But, what would he think of her?

“I can’t hear you. I’m deaf.”

She showed him the phone. His went wide a little. Everything made sense now. How could he not have noticed before?

“Oh . . . Well, do you want to hang out or something?”

She smiled a bit. No one wanted to be with her after they realized she wasn’t able to hear. She didn’t talk either. It was her choice.

“Sure. Have anything in mind?”

He smiled. Michael thought Dylan was beautiful. And the fact that she couldn’t hear him didn’t bother him one bit. He’ll figure out a way to talk to her.

“I know this cafè down the street. Sounds good?”

She smiled. She was excited. No one has taken an interest on her before. They always ignored her. She liked Michael.

“I would love to.” She kept smiling. Cheeks starting to hurt a little.

They went walking down the street. Still using Dylan’s phone as a way of communicating. The bag with the dye still in her hands.





“Blue? That would look really cool.” She smiled.

“I know. I’ll figure out a way to make a proper dip dye.” She had no idea how to dye her hair. Going to a hair stylist would cost a lot. Something she couldn’t afford.

“Do you mind if a friend of mine hangs out with us? His name’s Calum”

“It’s alright. I don’t mind”

Calum arrived. Spotting Michael’s red hair right away. He had called him about half an hour ago. He was bored, and he knew Michael would be always up for something.

Calum was obviously surprised when Michael said he had met a girl at the shop, and now was with her at the café down the street. He was excited to meet her. He didn’t know about Dylan’s hearing impediment though.

“Dylan this is my friend Calum.” Calum was obviously confused when he saw Dylan and Michael passing the phone between each other.

Dylan looked up and saw Calum take a sit next to Michael. She smiled at him.

She saw Michael whisper something in Calum’s ear. Sure it was about her being unable to talk or hear.

She waited there. Taking sips of her coffee. Michael had gotten into a conversation with Calum. Her being kind of like the third wheel.

She was using her phone. Tumblr seeming interesting right now. Until it vibrated. 

“You have a new message!”


“Hey, sorry for ignoring you like that. Calum and I have to go now. Do you need a ride home? It’s the least I could do.”

“I would love that, thank you. How did you get my number?

“I have my ways.”

She smiled.





After being dropped off at home, she started working in the dip dye. It turned out pretty well. She went to sleep after that. Hoping she would someday see Michael and Calum again.


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