American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


2. //Girl//

She can't be changed. This is part of her. If you don't like it you can leave. She's not special. She's unique. Her way of "talking" is different, but her way of living is the same. She lives like us. She does the same things we do. Some of them in a different way.

But, like everyone else, she has her struggles.

She has a heart. A soul. A mind of her own. Why make her think low of herself? Just because she's different? Because she doesn't use spoken words like most of us do? None of them are valid reasons to throw insults at her.

And many more.

She has learnt to deal with these everyday. To deal with the weird looks given to her. The laughs when she can't answer a question like a 'normal person'. The stares. Rejections. Whispers. She has learn to ignore it. To keep her mind and soul to herself. To not let anyone in. To build up walls around her, walls that are hard to break. There's no way she's going to let someone in. Not after what she's been through. Hurt. Pain. Depression. Anxiety. All because of her 'weird' condition. All because people don't know how to accept someone that wasn't born the same way.

Throw Your Sticks And Stones. Throw Your Bombs And Bones. But You're Not Gonna Break My Soul.

She's been through enough. The Wall is a way of protection. Of protecting her heart, mind and soul from the cruel outside world. She hasn't let anyone in. She won't let anyone in. Her decision is set. She believes her destiny is to be by herself. To not have anyone with her. To deal with her condition alone.

But life changes. Day changes. Night changes. All at some point.

The Destiny may have a different plan for her.


This Is The Part Of Me That You're Never Gonna Ever Take Away From Me

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