American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


25. //Girl// PART 2

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. . . but guess who decides to show up at the worst time? . . .  

"I'd told you I'd see you againg didn't I?"   _______________________________________________________________

  Luke was fuming, he was about to do anything it took for Dylan to be safe, no way this low life was getting near his pregnant girlfriend.  

All Dylan could do was stare, it was wrong, it felt wrong. She wishes one of the boys could be here right now, anyone to help her and Luke, even though she knew Luke could defend them, a little help never hurts anyone.  

"I see he got you knocked up didn't he?"  

She didn't know what he was sayin, her lip reading skill were very basic, only caught a few words.  

Dylan was scared, she wanted nothing more than to go home and cuddle up with his boyfriend, watching a movie maybe, keeping her little ones calm and safe.   Luke on the other hand . . . his head was full of things he could do right now, maybe knock him out, just a few punches so he could drive Dylan home, anything.  

They don't know from where or how, they just know Ashton is the one to appear at the best of times.

 "Leave them alone."

His voice was dangerously low. He was not in the mood, his friend was involved in a near death experience, the girlfriend was on the verge of a panic attack, he had no patience for this ass to start bothering his pregnant best friend.  

"Or what? I told you . . . I was coming back."  

"You're not allowed to go near her. Get. Out." Ashton repeated, maybe he was over reacting, but, wouldn't you do the same if you had his day?  

The guy backed up a little, the expression in Ashton's face told him he wasn't one you'd like to mess with. He slowly started backing up.  

"I'll see you later, babe." He winked at Dylan. She just hid behind Luke, holding his shirt tightly in her fists.  

"I swear one of this days I'm gonna kill that son of a bítch."

  "I was thinking the same thing, that ass just wants to cause trouble . . ."  

"How dare he threaten Dylan, even you! Next time I see him I'm gonna make sure he'll never come back near us." Ashton told Luke. His eyes were dark, filled with hatred, fists still clenched, he wanted something to distract him.  

Thank god for Dylan and her perfect timing.  

"Can we please just go home? I'm in the need of some warm sheets and a movie." Dylan smiled at the two boys, hoping to light up their mood.

Which of course worked, that smile would light up anyone's world.

  "Let's go, baby." Luke guided her to the car and they were off.  



"Where on earth were you?" Calum asked, the minute they stepped foot on Dylan's house.  

Which apparently was now everybody's house. the other three boys were always here, they basically lived here, Dylan was going to ask them to move in anytime now, she had enough rooms so why not?  

"Diner, something came up." Was all Ashton said before diving on the the couch to just rest a little.  

"Do you want to-..."  





"That's not fair! He had to live!" Dylan cried, his death obviously affecting her.

  "Relax, babe. it's all part of the plot, it will make his twin stronger." Luke explained.  

"But, he was so nice, he was my favourite!" She kept crying.  

"Well, we didn't see a body so it's not like he's dead dead, he's just Marvel dead." Luke hated seeing her crying, even if it was for the silliest thing, he wanted her to always be happy and showing off that smile he loved.  

"They didn't even warn us, stupid writers."

She was angry, how dare they kill off her favourite character. She felt personally offended.

"The twins should have their own movie."  

"His death is going to affect you for weeks, isn't it?"

  "I'm never letting it go."

  "I knew it."  

"Shut up, Quicksilver is bae, I love him." She explained and turned her attention back to the movie.

  "Should I feel offended in some way?"

  "I love you, Luke." She smiled at him.  

"I love you too, baby."  



"Are you sure about this?"  

"Of course I am, you basically live here, so why not have you here for real?" She told them.

  "Aren't we going to be a burden, you guys?"

  "If anything, you'll help us more."

  "It's settled then." Ashton smiled.  

This was going to be one hell of an experience.  


I watched Avengers Age of Ultron and OHMYGOD <3 <3 It's love at first sight omg, i love Aaron Taylor-Johnson . . . he is BAE <3 I loved the twins and I was left crying for days :( (If you've seen it you'll understand) SOOO all of my thoughts and feeling on the movie are on the chapter :D

  I'm back :D :D

  I'm sorry, it's been a month . . . I think?   All I have to say is that I'm sorry D: i was planning on leaving this story on hold but yesterday i had sudden inspiration and started writing, it's not best chapter, but i'll work on it :D thank you guys. All your comments made me realize how much you love this story,

  but there was one comment that made me almost cry, i love you @Im_Just_A_Reject Your comment really touched my heart and i will never forget it, and to know that people appreciate my writing, means a lot to mee :D

  I'll keep working on this story but the updates will be slower.

  Love you guys, thank you for your support :D


PS. I need ideas so if you have one FEEL FREE TO COMMENT I LOVE YOU  

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