American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


23. //Girl// PART 1

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". . . He's still unconscious, it's uncertain as to when he's going to wake up, we almost lost him but managed to revive him . . . "

"he almost died?"

"yes, heart failure, the loss of blod was too much for his body to manage, but luckily enough we revived him, he's a fighter, i must tell you that."

"is he going to be okay?" it's like the only question that can come from Ashton's mouth is that one.

". . . like I said, he's unconscious . . . it could take days, weeks, even months for him to wake up . . ."

"thank you" Ashton said as the nurse went back through the same door. he turned to Dylan, a sad look on her face, she was tired, extremely tired, you could see it in her eyes.

"is he going to be okay? can we see him'" she asked hopefully.

"not yet" he told her.

"but he's okay . . . right?"

tears could be seen at the corner of her eyes, her lower lip trembling slightly.  

"he's unconscious right now, babe," a few tears rolled down her cheeks,

"we don't know when he will wake up." he reached forward to wipe her tears with the pad of her thumb.


"we don't know."

The five of them turned their heads when they heard hurried footsteps coming towards them.

"what are you doing here?"

"he wasn't answering his cellphone, Calum texted me, i came as soon as I could."

"i'm sorry, Amara."

"is he alright?"

"no, he's not." Amara's cheeks tainted with tears, those liquid little things represent a thousand feeling, on little drop could mean so much. She was tired, she just wanted a normal realtionship.

"weren't you supposed to be with him?"

"he was going to pick me up and then we'd go to your house, Dylan."

that explains the semi formal clothes she's wearing.

"well, he got into a pretty bad car crash, broken rib, wrist, massive loss of blood. we don't know when he will wake up"

"can i see him?"

"not yet."

there's no way Ashton's going to tell Amara her boyfriend almost died, that would just crush her even more.

Hours passed.

Everyone refused to leave, that is until one of the nurses told them visiting hours were over and they had to leave, Luke got Dylan something to eat, something to calm her nerves down and he had planned on sending her to bed as soon as they got home, seeing as it was one in the morning, but guess who decides to show up at the worst time,  

"i'd told you i'd see you again, didn't i?" __________________________________________________________________  

well, that was so not expected.

IM SORRY how long has it been?

i love you guys, don't hate me :D

IM BUSY, so busy there are no words to describe it :p school and dancing shouldn't mix, especially when you are in charge of organizing the whole choreography (along with other people but is the same)

PLUS EXAMS ARE KILLING ME maths exam today was just ugh, i will fail for sure 


i'll put up part two when I can :)

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