American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


30. //Boy//


         O n e    Y e a r   L a t e r



 The struggle of having not one but two babies who just learned how to walk is hard, you have to follow them everywhere if you don't want to have a crying session for tripping over air. Dylan was fine with it, she didn't have a problem having to follow Tyler around because he was the least curious of the two, just taking a few steps to reach his toys was fine with him.

Indie, on the other hand, was a total handful, thank God the boys are busy with her, she has become really attached to them, although she knows Luke is her Daddy. Indie can walk into places you wouldn't even think possible, the boys have to keep close track of her in case she gets lost, which has happened a handful of times already. She and Shadow have become the greatest of friends, Shadow being really careful with her and letting her use him as a stand for when she doesn't want to walk anymore, they would lay down on the floor, Indie resting on Shadow's belly, just lying there and if it really was an exhausting day of playing and walking, they would take a nap together.

It has been a hectic year, the house has been busier than ever, having twins isn't easy and through endless no sleep nights, many diaper changes and the making of hundreds of bottles, Luke and Dylan have learned that being a father is probably the hardest job out there, but seeing your children smile at the end of the day is totally worth it.


i seriously think you guys dont like this bc you don't comment  :( tell me your thoughts and whatnot, i love reading people's comments :D

short af i know

This is awful, please don't kill me.

I don't know if anyone here does the IB Programme, International Baccalaureate (or something like that idgaf) BUT NExt week i start the oFFICIAL eXAMS and im freaking the f**k out seriously, i just can't, it's getting on my nerves to the point where i yell at people who talk to me about it, yeah, that serious SO I DONT KNOW IF ANYONE HERE TAKES THAT STUPID PROGRAMME, BUT I SUPPORT YOU SISTER/BROTHER, we'll get through this and on the last day i'm going partying with my friends, bc we are fuking survivors. 

COMMENT BECAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY and idk tell me how should i continue the book, or tell me whatever the fudge you want bc i'm here to listen :D


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