American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


28. //Boy//




The twins arrived a few months later, the delivery was tough for Dylan, but after fourteen hours, they were here. A little boy, named Sawyer was born and later a little girl, named Indie Love was brought into the world. Luke was as happy as ever, his little princess already taking a liking to him, while Tyler preferred the warmth of his mother.

After a few days on the hospital, they finally brought the babies home, the room was already done, it was all white with little touches of purple and blue, the furniture a light grey, lots of stuffed animals, clothing and toys were scattered around the room, a rocking chair with a beautiful pink blanket was on the corner of the room facing the window. That was Dylan’s favorite part of the room.

The boys were ecstatic, always wanting to be near the babies, Tyler loves the attention everyone is giving to him, but Indie only likes being hold by her daddy. Although she has also taken a liking to Uncle Ashton.

Now, Dylan was making some breakfast, while the boys were on babysitting duty. Tyler loved Michael, apparently his red hair was a really cool thing for littleTyler's eyes. Sabrina was in Luke's arms, eyes wide open, taking in everything around her, with her bright blue eyes and blonde hair she was an almost exact copy of Luke, whereas Sawyer's light brown hair and yellow green eyes resembled Dylan.

They still didn't know if the twins had inherited Luke and Dylan's hearing disabilities, they are obviously too young, only a few weeks old. Even if they turn out to be deaf, Luke and Dylan will still love them the same, they are not going to treat them differently.

Dylan placed the plates on the counter, filled with bacon, eggs and toast, it was a sight that made your mouth water. She had also managed to make some orange juice, and heat up some bottles for the twins. She handed one to Luke and one to Michael, since they were still holding the babies.

The twins were the cutest thing ever, their sibling bond was always showing. Tyler had acquired the role of protective older brother the instant they were both born. When Indie cried, Tyler cried also, he didn't stop until his sister was near him, they both slept together, even though they had their own crib each, they wanted to be together all the time. The boys and Dylan never did anything for it, they found it the most adorable thing ever.

Dylan didn't have a baby shower, she didn't want one, although that didn't stop the boys from getting her everything she needed. The boys had taken upon themselves to do the whole room, paint it, put up the cribs, the dresser, everything, Dylan wasn't allowed to enter that room for days, she was honestly worried about how it would look, but she was really happy about the result, the boys did indeed have some talent on themselves.

Dylan had a plate full of food in front of her, her eyes wandering off to the living room, where the boys were taking care of her twins, she loved seeing them interact with the babies, they may look manly, but they are just pure marshmellow inside, always smiling when someone brought up the twins in the conversation, Everyone talked about how Luke and Ashton were the most excited ones out of the five of them. Every time Ashton went out, he would come back with either a toy or some baby clothes for the twins, Dylan always told him that they had enough toys and clothes to last them for a long time, but Ashton would always answer with 

"I'm their favorite Uncle, i'm entitled to spoil them!"

Which would, of course, start a debate as to who was the best uncle.

Dylan didn't know how, but the boys had managed to come up with some really extravagant gifts for the twins, without Dylan and Luke's knowledge. 

They had gotten Indie a silver pacifier, the front of it had an ' i ' made out of diamonds, how much did that cost? Dylan doesn't even want to know, and coincidentally it was Indie's favorite pacifier, she wouldn't accept any other,Dylan had tried to change it for another one, but she would cry until Luke came to the rescue and gave her the glamorous one, Dylan always rolled her eyes at this, she didn't want Indie to get used to it, since going on the street would mean showing off that diamond beauty, Dylan didn't want to take any risks, but of course, since Indie is a Daddy's Girl, Luke let her have it all the time she wanted.

Tyler got something a little bit different, it still was a pacifier, but instead of diamonds they were blue sapphires spelling a letter 'T', but unlike his sister, Tyler didn't cry if it was taken away from him, he'd rather have a simple one. 

As of now, life with the twins is a bit hectic, even if they are a month old, it's been all about the restless nights, change of diapers, baby food, bottles, waking up at three am and many more, but the boys and Dylan didn't care

because those twins were totally worth it.




Don't hate me :3

this term in school is all about grades because next one i won't even have classes because of IB exams :'( its a pretty complicated story, but long story short, i've got like 12093819380 essays and i have only started one :3

sooooooo you've met @Shad0w already, she will write next chapter . .  i think . . .  so you can know her style and what not :D  this co author idea actually comes in handy, because if i can't write, she can so yeah, you won't have to wait months for updates

IN THIS CHAPTER there wasn't any dialogue, i just wanted to introduce the twins and how the boys and Dylan are interacting with the new addition to the family :3 #socute haha

NEXT CHAPTER idk what will happen, maybe explaining what happened Mike's girlfriend and Shadow the dog #totallyforgothisexistance 

I would like to announce that I've become addicted to YOUTUBE and its very annoying, especially with elrubiusOMG because his videos are funny af #spanish

FUN FACT i will graduate this year in december and instead of working i'm lazying around bc YOLO 


THIS is how I imagine the twins' room to look like :3 :3



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