American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


22. //Boy//

//One Week Later//

She finally met her, Amara was such a pretty girl, she was a bit shy at first but slowly got acustomed to them. Dylan was happy, she finally had a girl to hang out with and be friends with. 

Amara and Michael were coming over to dinner tonight, as well as Ashton and Calum.

"Spaguetti and meatballs! Everyone loves that!" Luke suggested. Deciding dinner was hard when your four, almost five, month pregnant girlfriend is so picky with food.

"No meat, just the sauce."

"but there's meat in the sauce."

"We will make it meatless."

"Then it would be tasteless."

"You know what? I'm making one of my dishes."

"Which one?"

"I remember seeing a book of recipes from different countries, can you go get it please?"

"In the closet?"

She nodded That book had magically appeared one day in the back of her closet, she had no idea how it got there, but maybe it was from her mom, or her grandma, they love to cook meals from around the world.

Luke came back down with the thick book in his hands, he placed it on the table and reached over for one the starwberries Dylan had in a plate. She had taken a liking for them these past months, the fridge was filled to the brim with containers of strawberries.

"I'm feeling peruvian tonight. What about 'arroz con pollo'?"

"What the hell is that?"

"it's rice and chicken basically, with a little twist."

"Sounds good, although that twist scares me."

"Oh! We can make 'papa a la huancaina' also! And 'suspiro' for dessert!" She had tried all of these before, years ago she had the same three dishes with her mother. It was a vague memory by now.

"What are those? And what language are you talking?" Luke was confused as hell by now. What Dylan was signing wasn't english for sure.

"Spanish, my mom taught me some and she taught me the name of these dishes." Dylan stated proudly, " 'papa a la huancaina' is basically potatos and a sauce you'll try later and when I make the 'suspiros' you'll try them." She said.

"I hope they taste good." Luke told her and started getting out the ingredients needed for the first dish.

"they wil, trust me."





"Hi, princess." Ashton came through the door, Calum following behind.

"Why don't we live here with you Dyl? It's a freaking huge house!" Calum told her.

"I guess, I don't know. That's actually a really good question" she started walking towards the kitchen.

it was true though, she had a big house, enough space for the five of them to fit in comfortably. six rooms and three bathrooms should be fine. It wasn't about the space though,

"you wouldn't want to deal with two babies screaming their lungs out in the middle of the night, would you?" she asked them. which is true, who would want to wake up at three in the morning? 

"it shouldn't be a problem, plus, you will get extra help, i mean, the three of us practically live here so it would make more sense." Calum explained.

"I'll think about it boys." she smiled and entered the kitchen.

"how are the little ones doing?" Ashton asked.

"Kicking their mother like a soccer ball."

"WHAT?! they already kicked?! When?!" Ashton and Calum had their eyes wide with surprise.

"just a few minutes ago" Dylan smiled. The babies kicking meant this was real, she had two beautiful humans growing inside her, she couldn't wait for them to come out.

they were all in the kitchen, Dylan was giving the final touches to the plates, they just had to wait for the couple to come.

"These don't look like normal food." Calum remarked.

"It's because they're not, they are peruvian meals."

"Where on earth did you find the recipe for them?"

"I had a book that belonged to my mom, i suppose."

"I asked her for spaguetti and meatballs and she said no." Luke said from the other side of the counter.

"I didn't want meat! Your kids don't want meat, not my fault."

"What things can't you eat?"

"Meat, fish, apples, avocado, mangos, peanut butter and . . ." she didn't remeber but there were more things.

" . . . tomatoes, grapes, hot dogs and pepper." Luke finished for her.

"Tough life, i know you love grapes and mangos." Calum told her.

"I know, this babies hate me!" She put on a sad face, which didn't last for long because the little ones had decided on kicking her mother, just the perfect timing.

She dropped the towel on her hands and put them over her belly, she bend over a little because it hurt, the slightest bit, but it still hurt. Luke inmediatly stood up, a look of worry on his face, he went over to his girlfriend and asked her what was wrong.

Calum and Ashton also had looks of worry on their faces.

"Nothing's wrong boys, they just started to kick and it stil hurts a bit."

"Can we fell them?" Calum asked.

Dylan motioned them over, he took one of their hands and put them over her stomach, where she felt the babies kick.

"Oh my god! That's the weirdest thing ever! " Ashton told her.

"So cool." Calum was amazed to say the least.

It went on for a while, the babies kicking, the boys with their hands on Dylan's stomach and Luke finishing dinner.

"I'll get it." Ashton got up. It had to be Michael and his girlfriend.

Turns out it wasn't.




"Michael Clifford, is he here?" Ashton asked the lady at the front desk.

"yes sir, you can't see him though, he's still in surgery"

"is he going to be okay?"

"we can't say that yet." 

His breath was laboured, he considered Michael one of his best friends, now the only thing left was to tell Dylan.

Calum came over to Ashton, who just sook his head. Calum and Michael were basically brothers, they grew up together, Dylan is a little sister to them, Michael loves her to death, how is she going to react? That's the only question going through both boys' mind.

Dylan came over to them, Luke trailing behind her, worry etched across both their faces.

"Is he going to be okay?" She asked, a hand went staright to her stomach, this strange sensation had washed over her. must be all the stress and worry she's being put through right now.

"They won't tell us yet," Ashton paused, seeing her lower lip quiver, "he's in surgery". a gasp left her mouth, she started crying, Luke had to grab her before she fell down, this was too much for her. 

They waited, and waited. Dylan had stopped crying, sniffles were heard once in a while, Luke hadn't left her side, they had somehow managed to fit in one of the hospital chairs, Dylan was on top of Luke, her side laying against his chest, her legs across him, he had one hand in her belly and the other in her hair, he kissed her forehead once in a while.

 a nurse came out from on of the hospital rooms, it was eleven at night, they had been waiting for about four hours, they better have answers.

"is he okay?" 

"he suffered a lot of injuries, large amount of blood loss, a broken rib, fractured wrist, it's pretty serious."

"is he okay?" ashton repeated the question.

"Well. . . "


QUESTION DOES ANYONE HERE WATCH WWE?? RAW?? Anything!? <3  <3 i love it :D

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