American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


19. //Boy//



Five hours.

Five freaking hours.

That's how long they've been on Baby's R Us.

They had the cart full of toys, stuffed animals, and what not.

They boys had made their mission to buy every single thing in the store.

Dylan just followed them. Since her emotions and feelings were all over the place, she felt tired and hungry.

"I'm hungry! Can we go? Please?"

"Luke and Ashton, go with her. We'll pay all of this." Michael said.

"Okay, let's go princess." Ashton guided  her out of the store, Luke on her other side.

"Where do you want to eat?" Luke asked her.

"Pizza. I want some pizza." 

"We can pick up some on the way home." Ashton suggested.

"Let's go then." 





"What the hell did you do to your pizza?" Ashton practically jumped off the couch when he saw what Dylan had in her plate.

"Whipped cream, nothing else." Dylan started eating,

"Why did you put whipped cream on your pizza?" Luke asked, pretty confuses, might I say.

"Your kid wants it, not me." Dylan was already on her third slice.

"Weird pregnancy cravings." Ashton explained to Luke.

"She's going to get these all day?" Luke was knew to all this pregnancy thing, so he didn't know what to expect from Dylan throughout this months.

 "I don't think so. . . " Ashton really wasn't sure.

After a while, Calum and Michael came in with lots of bags filled to the brim with baby toys and whatnot.

"Are there more?" Dylan asked. There were at least ten bags spread out in th living room. They were going to have a hard time finding the place to put all those toys in.

"No, there's not." Calum said. "I'll make some dinner, I'm starving." He went into the kitchen.

"What about you? You've been on your phone since you got here. . . Who are you texting?" Dylan asked Michael.

"How would you know I'm texting?"

"Because you smile every once in a while and there isn't a game which requires scrolling and typing all the time." Dylan explained.

"Okay, fine; but please don't tell the other boys! I will never hear the end of this if you do." 

"Oh my god! It's a girl? What's her name? Can I meet her?" She was excited to say the least.

"No, you can't meet her yet! I've just met her. Give it time."

"What's her name?" 

"I won't tell you."

"Why not?" 

"Because you'll bother me even more!"

"Dinner is ready! And I didn't burn down the kitchen!" Calum came barging through the door.

"New accomplishment" Michael told him.





"I think it's a girl." Luke told her.

"It's too early to tell."

It was late at night, Dylan and Luke were tangled  up on her bed, a blanket wrapped around them, re runs of Friends playing on the TV.

"I want a little girl. Eyes like yours and a cute little smile." Luke told her. He started rubbing circles on her stomach.

"Blond hair like yours and dimples, i want her to have blue eyes, deep ocean blue eyes, like yours too." She said. she could imagine it, she could see it.

"Indie" She said.

"Love." He said.

"Indie Love Hemmings?" She asked.

"That's beautiful." He answered.

"And if it's a boy?" 

"Tyler, or Kyle."

"Jake Tyler Hemmings?"


And just like that, names were decided, even though there were still months left to see their child, they wanted everything to be perfect for him or her.





"When am I going to meet her?! Michael! You can't keep things like this from me!" It was eight in the morning, the game had started and Michael was making some breakfast to watch the game with. 

"Dylan! I already told you, when the time comes, you'll meet her. Now excuse me, I've got to watch a very important game."

"Nothing is more important than your pregnant best friend."

"I love you, Dylan, but this game is the semi finals to the season, so yeah, right now it's more important." He went out the door and into the living room.

"I don't like you anymore"

"You love me!" He yelled on the way there.

The rest of the day as spent listening to  Michael and Calum arguing over the game; Luke and Dylan discussing future plans for their baby; Ashton mentioning casually that they should move in together; and them flipping out on this.

So now, it was four in the afternoon, and they were discussing living arrangements.

"Isn't it to early for this?" Michael asked.

"It's better now than later." Calum told her.

Since the house was written on Dylan's name, the boys decided that she and Luke should live there and Ashton suggested Calum and Michael should live with him.

"Are you sure Ash? I mean, we've got enough to get a new apartment." Michael asked, he didn't want to be a bother for him.

"I'm pretty sure guys, I've got two rooms free, now that Luke's moving in here."

"Then i'ts settled! Luke will move here, and you guys," she pointed to Michael and Calum, "will be moving in with Ashton!" She was excited.

"My place is a couple blocks down, so we can come anytime you need help with something." Ashton told her.

"That will be something useful, thank you Ashton." 






I have no ide what I've just written, if it doesn't make sense I'm sorry!!! I just wanted to give you guys a chapter because it feels like forever since i've updated :(

SCHOOL LIKES TO MENTALLY ABUSE STUDENTS. They don't understand it's impossible to write TWO 2000 word papers and study for a MATHS exam for the same dayy! I can't wait for this to end.

ANYWAY "El niño" is coming to Perú and i'm honestly scared, it's a weather fenomena, were temperatures go up higher than normal, example ---> the normal temp. for Lima (where I am) is about 26*C and with El Niño it goes up and becomes 32*C WHICH TRUST ME IS A FREAKING LOT. Anyway, if you'd like to know mroe about what's going on (which is horrible btw) look up El NIño in Perú. 


I want to give the other boys girlfriends, to make the storyline more interesting.


sooooo, if you'd like to be one of the three lucky girls, message me / leave a comment / kik me at @Skyeeknight    WITH    your age, name (duuh) your personality, general description of yourself, hobbies, how would you like to meet the boy (Calum/Michael/Ashton)  and why should you be in the story.


I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO INCLUDE A NEW BOY CHARACTER so if you are a boy AND you wanna be part of the story, message me on wattpad, leave a comment or kik me @Skyeeknight with your namee (duuh), age, hobbies, personality, general description of yourself :D

Girls can also leave ideas for the new boy in the story.



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