American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


17. //Boy//

"Are you pregnant?" Ashton asked casually, making Dylan choke on the lemonade she was drinking.

"Yes, Ashton. I'm pregnant." Dylan said.

"Oh My God! Really?!" The idea of being an uncle sounded really good to Ashton.

"No! Can't believe you didn't hear the sarcasm in that." She rolled he eyes.

"Then why do you eat so much?" He asked.

"Can't a girl have cravings?"

"Okay, sorry." Dylan kept eating her food.

It has been a month since they came back from their trip. Dylan and Luke were still together, Michael and Calum still shared a house with her, Ashton got a job as a drum teacher and they all remained good friends.

"Can we go somewhere?" Dylan had been kept in the apartment long enough, she had caught the ful last week and was a little delicate sill.

"Where do you want to go?" Ashton was the only one with her at the moment, the other three were out doing who knows what.

"Let's go to the mall, I'm in the need for some new clothes and make-up." 

"The mall?" Ashton hates going shopping, especially with girls.

"Yes! Ashton c'mon, please?" She had that face which none of the boys could say 'no' to.

"Ugh, fine. Get dressed, and put on a coat 'cause it's cold outside." Ashton got up from the couch they were on.

"Yes! Thank you!" She smiled and ran to her room to get dressed.





"Why do you need so much clothes anyway?" Ashton asked her. She was carrying some bags, but Ashton got the heavier ones.

"Because I'm a girl." She answered.

"Where to next?"

"The food court, I'm hungry." She started walking in that direction.

"Finally, something I can enjoy." He muttered under his breath.

Dylan was way ahead of him.

That's good because she didn't saw what Ashton saw.

Luke, who was entering a pet shop. Why would he go in there? Well, that's a question he was going to ask him later.

He kept walking and saw Dylan already at one table, with food in front of her.

"What took you so long? I ordered some fries and a burger for you." She said.

"Thanks, babe." He sat down to eat.

Hours later they finally returned her house. Ashton was exhausted, and the minute he cacme through the door, he dropped the bags and layed down on the couch.

"What did you do to him?" Michael asked her.

"Oh, we went shopping." She was looking through the bags what she bought for the boys. 

"Where's Luke?" She hadn't seen him all day and she couldn't wait.

"He's coming, he said he had a surprise for you." Calum told her.

What could possibly be that surprise? With Luke, it could be anything.

"What is this?" Michael was curious as to what the little boxes had inside.

"I found them and I thought it would be perfect for you guys." She was excited. At the mall, she entered an antique store and she saw the perfect gifts for the boys.

"Do I get one?" Ashton had perked up at the sound of presents for them.

Dylan rolled her eyes and handed him a black box. Calum had a white one, and Michael had a blue one. The red one was for Luke.

"Open!" She said to them.

Their faces instantly lit up at the sight of what was inside the box.

She had the clever idea of buying each boy a necklace with a pendant of the instrument they played. Ashton got a necklace with a drum set, his name engraved on the back. Calum got a bass and Michael got a guitar.

"Wow, this are amazing! Thanks, babe." Ashton came over and hugged her.

Dylan was glad the boys loved it. 

They kept contemplating the necklaces until the bell rang. 

"Maybe that's Luke." Calum went to open the door. 

Luke came through the door with a puppy in his arms.

A German Shepherd puppy, with a red bow around it's neck.

"What the hell is that?!" Michael was more of a kitten person.

"I bought it for Dylan, surprise babe." He went over ot where she sitting on the couch, the puppy jumped from his arms and into Dylan's lap, It instantly started jumping and licking Dylan's face.

The smile on her face made the boys melt. It was the happiest they've ever seen her. She kept playing with the puppy.

"Is it a girl or a boy?" Calum asked, he loved dogs and was now sitting next to Dylan, the puppy must've sensed him because it turned around and jumped on top of Calum.

"It's a boy, he's two months old and Dylan has to name him."

"What are you naming him, Dylan?" She was still playing with the puppy, who was jumping all over her, tail wagging like crazy.

"Shadow! His name is Shadow." She said happily, it was like Christmas for her. She loved Shadow already.

"Shadow it is." Luke said.

The boys were all sat on the couch watching a movie while Dylan was outside playing with Shadow, Luke had bought tons of toys for the puppy. She was running around the backyard, Shadow following her every move.

"She is in love with the puppy." Calum commented.

"We should go get her though, it's getting late and cold outside." Luke stood up and went over to the backyard door.

He slowly approached Dylan and Shadow,

"Hi! I was just about to come inside, it's getting a bit cold and Shadow is tired already." Dylan picked up the puppy in her arms, he started licking her face, which made her laugh,a  real laugh.

"Let's go inside then, Michael made hot chocolate for us." He smiled and let her inside.

"He's staying with us right?" Dylan asked.

"Who? Shadow? Yeah, he's yours. You get to keep it." He kissed her. 

"Thank you! He's such a cutie." Right on cue, Shadow licked her cheek.

"He thinks that about you too." Luke smiled.

"He better" She smiled.


HELLO!!! :D :D

How long has it been? A week? I don't even know.

SCHOOL SUCKS. And I know everyone agrees with me. Especially when you are on 11th grade. 16 isn't the age when you should be leaving school.

Anyway . . . .

I hope you like the chapter. I don't even know if it's good enough.

Sorry for any mistakes.


Love you guys,


PS. Shadow is the dog in the picture ---->


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