American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


15. //Boy//

 "Good morning birthday girl." Calum said when he saw Dylan sit up on her bed.

She smiled and waved. Stretching her arms over her head to get rid of the stiffness in her back.

They were staying in a hotel for now. The beach was just across the street, it was a plus for all of them.

"Is it vanilla?" Dylan referred to the cake Ashton brought in.

"It is, happy birthday princess." Ashton came over to the bed, only to find Luke's head popping up from under the duvet.

Dylan got worried at the sight of the other's face and quickly explained.

"Nothing happened I swear! I just wasn't feeling good and Luke came to sleep with me." 

"I hope you didn't do anything." Michael said, earning a punch in the shoulder from Calum.

"Anyways! Happy birthday girl." Ashton exclaimed and put the cake in Dylan's lap. The candle was lit up and after the song, she made her wish and blew the candle.

"Get dressed, we are going to the beach!" Ashton exclaimed and ran out of the room, the others following after him.

"Happy birthday, baby." Luke told her. A kiss was pressed to her lips.

"Thanks, babe. Now get dressed! The beach awaits" She smiled, grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom to change.

Dylan came out minutes late in a black bikini, she went around the room looking for her overall to put on. 

Luke groaned at the sight, Dylan had no idea what she was doing to him. It was the first time Luke had seen her in so little clothing, at it was a great sight. He had already changed, it wasn't that hard to put on some swim trunks.

He felt a pain in his shoulder and looked up to see Dylan grinning.

"Liking what you see?" She laughed a little.

"Damn right I am." He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down on the bed. She fell on top of him and smiled.

"You look beautiful . . . " He kissed her ".. . . and really hot." He laughed.

She rolled her eyes and got off of him.

"C'mon I want to go to the beach!" She looked really excited. 





"Don't you dare!" Luke said.

"What if I do?" Ashton said.

The thing is, when your girlfriend is perched up on your best friend's shoulders, ready to be dropped into the ocean, you gotta do something.

Dylan kept hitting Ashton's back. Really hard might I say.

"Ow, you have a strong arm on you." She didn't hear him though.

"Ashton put her down, she doesn't know how to swim!" Luke was worried. Neither of the other three boys knew Dylan's little secret, plus the fact that she almost drowned in the ocean when she ws younger.

"What? Are you kidding me?" Dylan kept hitting at him.

"No I'm not! Put her down." Ashton did as he said.

"Ow! Why?" Dylan had hit him -again- but this time really hard.

"For almost letting me drown in the sea!" She went over to Luke.

"You're gonna leave a bruise."

"That's what I was aiming for." She smiled sweetly at him.



Michael and Calum had met some guys and were now playing soccer with them. 

"Ashton! Come and play." Calum waved him over.

"See ya, lovers." He went off running in their direction.

"Enjoying so far?" Luke turned to Dylan.

"Tell your idiot of a best friend never to mess with me." Dylan smirked at him.

"Trust me babe, he's never messing with you again." Luke kissed her. "Let's go lay down for a while."

Time passed, and sunset arrived. The sky filled with oranges, purples, reds and pinks. It looked beautiful. Ashton, Michael and Calum had decided to climb up the pier and dive tot he ocean form up there.

"Want to give it a try?" Luke really wanted to do it, but he wanted Dylan to do it with him.

"I can't swim, and you know that." She said, though she did want to try it. It looked fun.

"I'll jump with you" he took her hand and stood up. "C'mon, it'll be fun."

"If I die I'll come back and make your life miserable." A frown was etched across her face.

"If you die, I'll die with you." He kissed her lips, softly.

"So cheesy." She laughed.

"I'm trying, now we have to climb up the dock." Luke guided her to the bottom of the dock.

"Why on earth do we have to climb?" Dylan was confused.

"It's late, the entrance to it it's close so we have to climb up." Luke could see the worry in her eyes, he couldn't blame her though, it looked totally unsafe.

You only live once, right?

"What if I fall?" Dylan asked.

"I'll catch you . . ." Luke smiled.

"You better . . . I can't believe I'm letting you do this." Dylan sighed and went forward she grabbed onto one of the rails of the dock and started climbing. Luke followed after her.

It wasn't easy, she slipped a few times but gained her balance, not before giving Luke a heart attack, that's for sure.

"Finally! We thought you'd never come up." Michael told them.

"You climbed?" Calum asked.

"We climbed" They answered.

Luke took Dylan's hand and led her to the border of the dock.

"You jump, I jump. Remember?" 

"Yes I do . . ." All of her screamed nervous. She doesn't know how to swim. She will drown. 

"You will not drown, baby. On three we jump okay?"

"One . . ."

"Two . . ."


They jumped, hearts beating fast, eyes wide, ready to fall into the water. 

Luke pulled them up for air, he never let go of Dylan's hand. She was smiling, when she came up to surface.

"That was awesome!" She had the biggest smile Luke had seen on her.

"I told you it would be!"

Luke felt happy, every time Dylan smiled it would light up his whole world. He promised to himself to treat her like a princess. He promised to never hurt her, ever. He wanted to her to be his forever.

Luke never breaks his promises.

Well . . .you never know . . .




The were at the hotel now, watching a movie. Wrapper of chocolate and chips were laying around, cans of soda, bowls of popcorn, napkins. It looked like Calum and Michael's apartment before she moved in with them.

They were watching the Maze Runner, it was that part of the movie were you want to cry your eyes out . . .

and that's what Dylan was doing at the moment.

Even the boys were shedding a few tears. You could hear the occasional sniffle.

"Why? It's not fair!" Dylan was the most affected.

"You never get so emotional . . . what's wrong with you?"

Real smooth Luke, real smooth.

"Shut up! I don't know." She slapped his thigh. He was leaning against the arm of the couch, Dylan lays across him cuddling into his side. 

The movie ended and as usual Dylan ordered the boys to pick up the trash on the room.

"I'm gonna head to bead guys. Thank you for today. I'll see you tomorrow." She kissed each of them on the cheek and went to her bedroom. 

They were staying in a three-bedroom suite at the hotel. Luke gladly accepted to share one with Dylan.

"Have you given her the present?" Ashton asked.

"Not yet . . . Waiting for the right moment." Luke told him, he threw the wrappers he had in his hand to the trash.

"Go for it, man. Now's the time." Ashton pushed Luke towards her living room and smiled at him.

He entered the room, without knocking, how rude.

What he didn't expect was to see Dylan without the top of her bikini. 

He could feel his whole body turn warm and fuzzy at the sight in front of him.

He quietly went over to the closet and took out the box that held her present.

A beautiful black and white ring, next to it was a silver necklace, the silhouette of a tiger hanging as a pendant.

He slowly approached her he took out the necklace out of the box and put it in his pocket, the ring could wait for later.

Dylan was startled when she felt cold metal go around her neck, but she calmed when she saw Luke's hands. 

He turned her around and smiled at her. Dylan's cheek going tomato red, seeing as she wasn't wearing a top.

"You are beautiful . . . you're mine. . ." He said. Those were the last words spoken between them.

They didn't need words.

They just needed each other.

Luke leaned down to kiss her neck, leaving little pecks from her collarbone to her earlobe. He was slowly guiding her towards the bed. She fell backwards and he fell on top of her. He had waited for this moment, he wanted it to be perfect. She deserved perfect, he was going to make sure she got it.


One by one, each piece of clothing was taken off. Thrown across the room. You could hear the heavy breathing, you could see the love in their eyes, you could feel the beating of their hearts, the excitement in the air.

You can figure out what happened next . . 



Hello!!! :D 

PS. This chapter is  dedicated to @[mackenziehemmings06] because she was the first to comment on this story :D :D and also because she leaves awesome comments <3 

Well, you can obviously figure out what hapened next. I'm not writing a scene like that because, it's really awkward for me.

I feel like this chapter was awful.   :(

I NEED SOME IDEASSS pleasee leave some if you want, i will consider everything you tell me and try to fit it in the story!! :D :D I've got something planned, it might or might not involve dramaaa ;)

If I take too long to update i'ts not because I don't want to but because I don't have freaking timee.

I've got like 4 papers due the 30th of April, of about 2000 words and one of 4000 and I haven't started with none. It's my last school year and I want to dedicate time to it, especially when I have to do the IB programme.  

So if I fall off the face of earth, it's because I've died of stress.

Okayy, enough with the rants. (i don't even know if people read the a/n )





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