American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


13. //Boy//

A weight on top of him.

That's what Luke felt, he was slowly gaining his consciousness back.

He woke up to see Dylan laying over him. Her arms around his waist, his arms around her.

He was the only one awake. He didn't want to wake up Dylan so he layed there.

Did they kiss last night? Yeah, they did. He loved every second of it. Kissing the girl of your dreams? Who wouldn't want that? Her lips felt like silk, soft and delicate. He loved every single second of it. He wanted more. Every time their lips touched sparks exploded.

He would treat her like a princess, that's for sure. She would get everything she asked for. He would take her out on dates, walks on the beach. He would treat to her every crave. He would do anything for her.

It's amazing how a person can change you in just a few months. She had totally changed him. For the good. He has been captured by her spell since the first day. She was beautiful. Everything a guy could ask for. He had said this many times, but he will keep repeating it.

Luke wanted her to be his. He doesn't want to wait. If she wakes he is going to ask her. He is not going to wait anymore.

He was startled by something and turns out Dylan chooses the right moment to wake up.

Okay, this was going to be harder than he thought.

She opens her eyes and smiles lazily at him. A smile that could light up his whole world.

"Good morning" she said.

"Morning." Luke answered.

Now? Later? When?

Should he do it before Michael and Calum wake up? Yeah, he probably should. They were really protective over her.

"Dylan, I want to ask you a question . . ." He said. A nervous look on his face.

"Is everything okay?" Dylan hadn't realized, but she had perched herself on Luke's lap. Facing him, one leg on each side of him.

"Luke! Are you alright?" She became exasperated because he wasn't answering her.

"I need to ask if you would . . " He trailed off. The nerves getting the best of him.

"You can ask me anything." Dylan said. A soft look on her face.

"Dylan, do you want to be my girlfriend?" Luke asked. His palms had started sweating and he was biting the inside of his cheek on the wait for her answer. She was taking her time that's for sure.

Dylan's face suddenly lit up with a smile.

"Of course I want to Luke!" She said and leaned in to kiss him on the lips. He smiled into the kiss. It felt different.

Not because it was a bad kiss, but because he finally knows her lips won't be kissing others anytime soon.





It was now half past one in the afternoon. They all had packed up their things and left the clearing. They were going further up the country, in the look for another camping place.

Luke and Dylan had stayed quiet about their new relationship. After Dylan said yes, they had spend the time just talking and sharing kisses once in a while; waiting for the rest of the boys to wake up.

Michael was driving now. Calum was in the back. Ashton in the passenger seat. Dylan was, again, snuggled up to Luke's side. All day Luke's smile hasn't wiped off of his face; all the other boys have noticed. And each of them meant to ask.

"Can we stop at a as station please?" Calum asked.

"Why? We don't need to fill the tank for another couple of hours." Ashton curiously asked.

"Unless you want pee all over the truck, I suggest you stop at a station." Calum said.

"Eww. There was no need to be so specific." Michael said.

"Just drive me to the station you peasant."

"Ex-freaking-cuse you. No one talks to me like that, you bitch." Michael snapped his fingers in a "Z" formation.

"Ugh, stop it. You are like 5 year old kids all over again." Ashton complained.

"At least we had a good childhood Mr. I've never tried s'mores before." Calum bantered back.

"Ohhhh, that's a nice one Calum." Michael fist bumped with him.

"You are so annoying." Ashton sighed and leaned back on his seat.

"Are we there yet?" Calum was impatient.

"Shut up, you idiot." Michael was irritated.

Not a good combination.

Ashton's pocket vibrated.

"You have a new text message!"

"Luke?" Ashton asked.

"Hellooo :D"

"What do you want?"

"For you to stop talking :D "

"Not to be rude, but you can't hear us."

"I know, but I still see your mouths moving and it's annoying :-)"

"You idiot, why don't you tell them?"

"Because I'm too lazy, I want to snuggle with Dylan."

"Oh really? You've got pretty comfortable with her haven't ya?"

"._. shut up."

"Why? You can't make me. It's a free country. i have rights. YOU CAN'T STOP ME"

" ._."

"sorry, got a little carried away. So what? are you bf and gf now."


"ummmm . . . :D"


"Chill, dude."

"Seriously when??!?!?!"

"Today, in the morning."

"Awwww <3 Did you kiss her alreadyyyy???" Ashton had a big smile on his face. Earning a weird look from Michael.

"Ugh, you are so annoying. I'm not telling you anything."



you have no right to ignore me.

im older than you


imma get it out of you one way or another.

fuck you lucas hemmingssss"

"dont swear" Luke simply answered.


"shut up. i do what i want." Luke texts back.

"no you don't" Ashton ended the conversation.

"Guys we are here" Calum bolted out of the truck before Michael even had the chance to turn off the engine

"I'm gonna buy some snacks." Michael turned to Luke and Dylan. "What do you want?"

"I want some chips, a coke and some bubble gum please?" Dylan said.

" I want a coke and some cookies would be nice." Luke said.

"Okay. Ashton? Anything?"

"Food would be nice, thank you." That earned him the middle finger from Michael.

He turned up the radio and started singing along.

"Hear Jerusalem bells are ringing

Roman Cavalry choirs are singing

Be my mirror, my sword, and shield

My missionaries in a foreign field

For some reason I can't explain

Once you're gone there was never,

Never an honest world

But that was when I ruled the world"

"You sing pretty good." Dylan said.

"How would you know?" Ashton was confused.

"I just know, you have the face of a singer." She smiled.

"Why, thank you." He laughed.

"Did you know Calum plays the base and Michael the guitar?" Dylan told him. There are new things to learn every day.

"Wow, really?" He was astonished.

"Yeah, and they play really good.

"How do you know? You've never heard them." Ashton asked.

"Well, I sit near beside the amplifier. They play and I put my hand over it and I can feel the vibrations it makes, I feel the rhythm of the song. And that's all I need to know to tell you they are good players." Dylan explained.

"Can you do that with songs? Like on the radio and stuff?" Ashton asked, he was actually very intrigued by this.

"Yeah, look. Turn up the radio." Ashton did so, Dylan put her hand over the speaker by the side of the door, she instantly recognized the vibrations it emitted.

"I love this song. Viva La Vida from Coldplay." She said.

"Wow, I'm impressed." And he really was. "Can you do that with any song?" He asked.

"Just the ones I know." Dylan knew many songs, she would look up the lyrics of one she liked and each time it played she would sing along.

Inside her head, of course.

Ashton wanted to see more of this. He plugged his iPhone into the car's radio and put the phone in shuffle.

"Do know any of these?" He told Dylan.

She put her hand back on the speaker.

"Therapy, by All Time Low"

Ashton played another one.

"Night Changes, by One Direction."

And another one.

"Give Me Love, by Ed Sheeran."

And another one.

"The Way, by Ariana Grande."

They kept this game going for a while. Even when Calum and Michael returned and they were driving again into the highway, the kept their little game going on.

"I don't know this one." Dylan said.

"Oh my God, finally!' Ashton exclaimed. Dylan had guessed all two hundred songs in his iPhone except this one.

Another hand appeared over the speaker, startling Dylan a little.

"Final Masquerade, by Linkin Park" Luke said.

"Yes! Dylan you've guessed all one hundred ninety nine songs on my iPhone, congratulations." Ashton applauded her.

"Finally! We can hear complete songs now." Michael changed the radio back. The game took at least two hours.

"Where are we even going?" Calum asked.

"Why are you so whiny today? I don't know." Michael answered.

"I'm not whiny. You are just driving without a path to follow." Calum was really, really whiny.

"Just shut up."

Luke was busy with Dylan, Ashton had gotten bored and plugged in his headphones.

"I'm really glad you came with us." Dylan said to Luke, she turned her head and Luke kissed her on the lips.

"Me too, baby." Luke answered with a smile.



I'm sorry for taking so long. First week of school is always the hardest, thank God 11th grade is the last one :D

Thank you! For the 160 reads. I appreciate it and it makes me want to keep writing.

I'm running out of ideas for the chapters, so if you want to tell me some, you can always leave a comment or message me. My twitter is @goodnight_mares , you can DM me some ideas as well. If you want you can follow me on instagram too, @danicammp :D

THANK YOU again for the 160 reads, love you guyss.


Love you guys,


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