American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


11. //Boy//

"So you are leaving?" Luke asked.

"Only for about three weeks." Dylan answered.


"I don't know Luke, that's the point of this whole road trip."

"So you are just going to stop at whatever place seems fun or nice?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"That's really cool. When are you leaving?"

"Um, I think tomorrow?"

"I'm not gonna see you for three weeks? :( " Luke was a little sad at this.

"Funny Luke, we can still text and call each other! :D" Dylan seemed excited.

"It won't be the same though :'( "

"Man up :p I gotta go. The boys are calling me for dinner. Talk to you later."

"Bye girl." Luke sent. The have been texting for about two hours now.

Luke felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Dinner is ready" Ashton said.

Dinner consisted of grilled chicken with salad. Ashton made chocolate cake for dessert.

"So I've got something important to tell you." Ashton suddenly said. He looked serious.

"Looks serious." Luke said. He dropped the spoon on the empty plate and paid attention to Ashton.

"What do you feel about going on a road trip? For say, maybe three weeks?" Ashton asked.

"I would love to!" Luke said excitedly.

"Great then, we are leaving tomorrow." Ashton said and smiled.

"Wait, what?" Luke asked. He was confused.

"Oh, yeah. Michael asked me if we wanted to come with them. The road trip is a birthday gift for Dylan; since the five of us get along pretty well, they agreed for us to come." Ashton explained.

Luke felt a flutter inside of him. He was going to see Dylan everyday for the next three weeks. What can be better than that?

"So, what do you say?" Ashton asked again. "Are you up for spending three weeks straight with the girl of your dreams?" Ashton teased.

"Well, obviously yes!" Luke smiled.

"Well then get packing, we have to be at their house tomorrow by six in the morning." Ashton told Luke, who went straight to his bedroom and started packing the essentials.

"You have a new text message from Dylan!"

"LUKE!!! Did Ashton tell you!! :D :D " She seemed happy.

"Yeah he did!! Are you sure you can handle me for three weeks straight??" He responded her.

"Well, duh. I've handled Calum and Michael for five months. I can surely handle you for three weeks." He laughed a little.

"Okay I have to go! I gotta get packing :D See you tomorrow Dylan." Luke sent the message.

"See ya later Lukey :D " His heart futtered at the nickname.

//Next Morning//

"Last bag?" Ashton asked.

"Last one." Luke answered. There were three bags in total.

"C'mon. We have to get going." It was five fourty in the morning. Ashton carried all the bags and put them in the trunk of the car. They were both tired. Luke just wanted to sleep.

Twenty minutes later they were at the driveway of Dylan's house. Ashton saw Michael and Calum loading the bags on the back of the truck.

"Hey guys! Ashton, mind giving us a hand here? Luke can you go get Dylan, she's in the living room." The boys nodded. Ashton helped loading all the bags and Luke went inside the house.

Between the five of them there were seven bags in total.

"All the bags are going on the back or what?" Ashton asked.

"We are putting some on the roof. Dylan wanted to put all kinds of blankets and pillows and whatever in the back of the truck, to use it so we don't have to pay for hotels." Calum explained.

"I told her that we are only doing that while we are camping. Which is the first part of our trip." Michael added. "Then we will go to wherever Dylan wants to go since this is her birthday present." He concluded.

"Sounds awesome." Ashton said. They finished loading the bags in Calum's truck and were waiting for Luke to bring Dylan.

Meanwhile in the living room, Luke spotted Dylan in the couch, she was in jeans, boots and a knitted sweater. She was tired seeing that she could barely keep her eyes open to watch the TV.

Dylan must have sensed someone came in, she looked up to see Luke.

"Dylan, we have to go. The bags are loaded aready in the truck." Luke said. Dylan nodded.

She stood up and raised her backpack to her shoulder and went over to Luke.

"Can you carry this? Is all we need while we are in the car." She motioned to the bag near the door.

"Sure." Dylan closed the door and locked the house and went over to the truck.

"Hey girl, tired?" Michael asked. She nodded and lazily smiled.

"C'mon, get in. We have to go." Calum said, getting in the driver's seat. Michael took the passenger seat while the other three were at the back. Luke got in first, then Dylan, then Ashton.

"Alright, here we go." Calum said and got off the driveway.

Dylan leaned onto Luke and began to doze off. Luke put an arm around her shoulders for her to be comfortable. She snuggled closer to him and fell asleep.

Ashton raised and eyebrow at Luke and he just smiled.

Luke also began to fell asleep and let his head fall on top of Dylan's.

// A Few Hours Later //

It had been about three hours on the road. Calum was still driving, they decided at the next rest stop, Ashton would switch with Calum.

Luke and Dylan were yet to wake up. Their position never change since they left the house hours ago.

That is until they stopped at the gas station. The place looks sketchy.

"I'm not getting good vibes from this place." Ashton said. He looked at the two snugglers in the back. "How can they still be asleep?" He asked.

"I think the movement of the car is what kept them sleeping." Calum said.

"Aww, they looked cute, all snuggled up." The three of them got off the car. Calum filled the gas tank while Ashton and Michael went to buy snacks.

Dylan was the fist to wake up. She slowly opened her eyes and yawned a little.

"Hey sleeping beauty." Calum told her.

"Hi Calum." She answered. She realized that she was practically on top of Luke. She sighed and snuggled again with Luke.

Meanwhile, Michael and Ashton were picking up random thinks, chips, water, soda, cookies, gummy worms, everything that caught their eye. The saw Calum and Luke coming inside the shop.

"Dylan?" Michael asked.

"Waiting in the car. She said she didn't feel like walking." Luke explained.

"Why didn't one of you stayed with her?" Ashton asked. He cared for the girl, even though he had known her for a little over three weeks.

Calum picked out a few more things and went to pay everything.

The other three were chatting and Luke zoned out. He glanced at the window just to see a car pull up next to theirs. He saw a few guys get out of it. All of them with tattoos, sunglasses and just basically looking like jerks.

He didn't think any of it. Just some guys in a gas station.

What's worst is that Dylan had chosed that moment to get off the car and come inside the shop to look for the boys. Luke saw how one of the guys eyed Dylan up and down and smirked. She was oblivious to all of it.

The guys gestured to his friends, they all went after Dylan. One of them pushed her against the side of the truck and started saying things. The other ones were cornering her. Luke panicked at this. Dylan had a scared look on her face and her bottom lip was trembling.

Great way to start the road trip.

Luke nudged Michael and Ashton, Calum caught up with was was happening. They all went rushing out of the store.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Ashton yelled at them. The guys didn't look scared, they laughed.

The guy scoffed. "Or what, dude? she's not yours to take." The guy went off to grab Dylan's backside and squeeze it. A cracked scream came out of he rmouth and the tears started to fall.

Ashton was the first one to react. He rushed to the guy and punched him straight in the nose.

Luke went after him to take Dylan out of that scene. He took her in his arms and brought her inside the car.

He saw how Ashton and Michael fought with the creepy guys.

Calum came over to the backseat of the truck.

"Sweetie it's all over. Don't cry. Brave girls don't cry." He said. A soft look on his face.

"Can we just leave, please?" Dylan looked up at him. Calum's heart hurt when he saw the look on Dylan's face.

'Yes baby, we are leaving now." He said.

Dylan's crying reduced down to sniffles and she cuddled further into Luke's arms. He just held her tighter and kissed the top of her head once in a while.

Ashton got into the driver's seat, Michael got into the back and Calum in the passenger.

"I knew something was wrong with this place." Ashton said.

It was true, the neighbourhood looked completely sketchy. They had to get off the highway to find a gas station. It gave the boys a weird feeling.

Luke saw the other three were talking, he couldn't understand though. He zoned out with his own thoughts.

The feeling of Dylan in his arms was amazing. He never wanted to let her go. He wanted her to be his, no one else's. Would she want that? He was falling for her. Fast. He needed to know if she felt the same.

He had to ask her, but when? During the trip? When they get back? He had to figure it out soon.

If they were to get together, would it work?

He would have to find out later. Dylan started to move. She had cried herself to sleep. Which made they four boys' hearts drop.

She looked up at Luke and smiled at him.

"Thank you." She said.

"For what?" Luke asked, a little confused.

"For everything." She said then proceeded to cuddle into him again.

Yeah, he definitely needed her.

In more ways than just a friend.


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