American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


9. //Boy//

Luke was happy. Ashton could see that. The smile never wiped off his face. He thought their little "date" was going to be a disaster. When Ashton left them alone, he panicked. He did the first thing that came to mind. Coffee, almost everyone likes a good cup of coffee Luke was a gentleman. Opening doors for her. Paying for her coffee. Ordering for her. Taking the chair so she could sit down at the table. It was all worth it. It was all worth, because the smile never left her face. Her smile lights up his whole world. It may sound cheesy, but that's just how Luke is. They arrived home. Ashton carrying their bags. Groceries. A few new t-shirts. Some music CDs and Luke's new video game. "You seem distracted, are you okay?" Ashton asked Luke. "Yes I'm fine Ash." Ashton raised an eyebrow at him, so Luke gave him a nervous smile. Ashton just laughed at him while Luke went off to his bedroom. . . . . Should he do it? What would she say? What would he say? Nervous. That's how he felt right now. Would she answer? Whatever, he's going to do it. "Hi, it's Luke :) " He locked the phone and left it by his side, he was listening to music. He couldn't hear the lyrics, but he could feel the beat of the song. Something that soothes him. He loves music. He got interrupted by his screen lighting up and the going off. "You have a new text message from Dylan" "Hi Luke! What are you up to? He really didn't expect an answer. He felt something flutter in his stomach. It was a good feeling. A really good one. "Just listening to some music, you?" He responded. "I'm cooking with Calum and Michael, Well, i'm cooking, they are just sitting here doing nothing." He laughed at that. "I would love to try your cooking." He send it. Oh no, too fast? Too early? "Then you should come over for dinner with Ashton! :D" He smiled. Was she serious? "Are you serious?" "Yes I am, mister. Now get over here, dinner should be done in about thirty minutes." "We are on our way :D" "I'll be waiting" . . . . "Ashton don't cook dinner" Luke told him once he got to the living room. "Why not? Do you want to order something or what?" Ashton had a curious look in his face. "Dylan invited us over for dinner." He said with a nervous smile. "Oh really?. . . Why do you look so nervous?" Ashton had a smirk on his face, he knew why he was so nervous. He just wanted Luke to confirm it. "I'm not nervous!" Luke said rather quickly. Ashton laughed at him. "Is it because a certain girl? . . . Hmm let me guess, maybe a girl Luke likes . . How could I possibly know!" Ashton's sarcasm was making Luke nervous. Was it that obvious? "Maybe . . " Luke said. "So I'm right?" Ashton was teasing him a lot lately. "I didn't said that! I just said maybe . . " Luke told him. "So I'm right, right?" Ashton kept going. He loved teasing Luke. He saw him as a little brother. "It's a big brother's job to tease the little one!" He had said when Luke asked him about it. Luke didn't complain though. "Oh, c'mon Ashton. Stop it. We are going to dinner at her house and that's that." Luke said and went off to his room to change. He was a little bit annoyed but he was happy to see Dylan again. He changed into more presentable clothes and went to the living room. Dylan told him to come anytime they wanted. "Ashton can we go now?" Luke said. "Why so impatient? Wait a minute, still have to change." Luke sighed at this. That minutes turned into ten; and finally they were on their way to Dylan's house. Luke's hands were sweating. He was nervous, but he didn't want Ashton to know. Although he already did. They arrived at her house. She opened the door and smiled seeing both of them. "Hi guys, dinner should be done in a bit. The boys are in the living room." She said. Luke and Ashton walked in. Ashton went to the living room to talk to Calum and Michael. Luke saw Dylan walk to the kitchen and followed her. The three other boys saw this. "He likes her doesn't he?" Asked Michael. "He does, he denies it though." Ashton said laughing, he took a sip of the soda Calum had offered him. Ashton could see the various cans of coke laying around the living room. "You only drink coke?" He asked, curious as to why. They seemed like the beer guy type. "Dylan doesn't let us drink beer, she gets mad if we do." Michael said with a laugh. "Do you guys live with her?" Ashton asked. "Yeah, we move in a couple days ago. She sets the rules though." Calum told him. "What are those rules?" Ashton asked. He laughed a little at the thought of Dylan setting up rules for the boys, even though she was younger than them. "No alcohol. No bringing girls to the apartment. No trash on the floor and do our own laundry." Michael said, making sure not to forget any of the rules set by his best friend. "Do you actually follow them?" Ashton laid back on the recliner. A football game was playing on the TV, Calum paying more attention than the other two. "She'll kill us if we don't." Michael laughed. He could hear clattering of plates and pans in the kitchen. Dylan should be ready with it any second. "Yeah, I once brought beer to share with Mikey and she got mad and made me sleep in the couch." Calum laughed at the memory. "I ended up with a horrible back pain and my neck felt stiff. She wouldn't talk to me, until I apologized to her." Calum finished. "Really?" Ashton kept laughing. "Yeah man, never mess with her. She may seem weak but she's got an arm on her." Michael said. "Once I brought a girl here, I was a bit drunk, I didn't want anything with her though. So the next day, Dylan saw the girl leaving the house crying and she asked me about it. I explained it to her and she got mad." Michael frowned. "She punched my arm hard enough to leave a bruise. She then went on about how that was a bad thing about it and she didn't want that to happen again. She didn't talk to me for like two days until I promised to never do it again." Michael finished his story. "Wow, man. Remind to tell Luke never to get on his bad side." He joked. Ashton could see Michael and Calum tense at the mention of Luke. "Relax guys, he's a good guy. I doubt he's ever going to hurt her." Ashton said, Michael and Calum relaxed at this. Dylan saying it is one thing, but hearing it from the guy who has live with Luke for a long time is a more reassuring thing. Dylan turned up and told Calum who saw her first that dinner was ready. Calum only nodded and told her they'll all be there in a second, then turned his attention back to the football game. Dylan clearly wasn't happy about the fact they ignored her. Ashton could see Luke already bringing the plates to the table so he went to help him. Dylan smiled gratefully at this, at least one of them was listening to her. Luke and Ashton saw how Dylan stood in front of the TV; arms crossed, eyebrow raised and foot tapping on the floor. Calum and Michael groaned, telling Dylan to move. The begged her to let them finish watching the game. Dylan stood her ground though, saying they had guests over and they could watch the game online later. Both boys groaned and stood up, complaining that they never got to do what they wanted. Only to get smacked upside the head by Dylan. Finally she got the to sit down for dinner. They talked and laughed for the whole dinner. Having a good time. Dylan even made chocolate mousse for desert. Proudly stating that Luke had helped her. He blushed at this. Dinner went well. The played Fifa for a while, well except Ashton. He didn't like it. Dylan just went off to her room. She told Calum to call her before the boys left to say goodbye. Michael and Luke started playing COD, Ashton joining in the occasional game. The got along well, Luke was glad, this meant she gets to see Dylan more often. He likes hanging out with the boys, it's really fun to be with someone other than Ashton. It was really late; they all were tired after intensive games of COD, Fifa and League. "I'm gonna get Dylan, she wanted to say goodbye to you guys." Calum went off to her room. Dylan emerged from the hallway, Calum behind her. She was on her pj's, hair up in a messy bun. She was obviously sleepy. She wobbled a bit, her eyes felt heavy. Calum was behind her, in case she tripped and fell. She was bound to accidents. "Bye guys, thank you for coming." She said, she gave them both a hug and kiss on the cheek. Although Luke's hug lasted longer and the kiss was a bit closer to his lips. "Thank you for inviting us, see you guys another time." Ashton said. He smiled at the sight of Calum holding a passed out Dylan in his arms, waiting for Michael to close the door. "Bye guys." Michael said and closed the door to their house. "So did you enjoy coming here?" Ashton asked Luke. "I did; it was lovely to see Dylan and the boys." Luke answered. The same smile he had at the mall was plastered in his face. "Yeah, right. You enjoyed spending some time with Dylan alone, didn't you?" Ashton laughed when Luke's cheek turned red. "Stop . . Yes, I enjoyed my time with her . . So what?" Luke said. "You like her don't you?" Ashton hoped this time Luke would say yes. There was a long pause, both of them just staring into each other's eyes. "Yes I do." Luke said. "Don't say 'I Knew It' or I'll punch you in the face." Luke said and started walking home. Luke just hoped Dylan felt the same way about him. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ //Author's Note/// THANK YOU for the 91 reads! it means a lot to me and it makes me want to keep going with this story. If you could give me some feedback, leave some comments, vote maybe? Would mean a lot to me :D Also, if you could spread the word about my story? Maybe? You don't have to but it would be lovely :D You don't know how happy it makes me to see someone enjoys my work. This is the longest chapter I've written so far, and my favourite. AND if someone wants to make an edit of Luke and Dylan together that would be awesome, i would love you forever! <3 Thank You For Reading My Story! Love you guys,
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