American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


7. //Boy//

Luke and Ashton decided to go out for coffee, maybe something to eat. They went to the nearest Starbucks which was the one near the mall. On the walk there, Ashton brought up Luke's birthday. Ashton wanted to do something for him. Not a party, because Luke isn't fond of those, but maybe take him out somewhere. Lunch, the fair, somewhere he would enjoy. "Lunch and the fair sounds perfect. Don't get too worked up over it, Ash." Luke told Ashton. "If that's what you want, yeah we can do that, I know this place a couple blocks away, we could maybe-" Ashton started rambling. "Relax! Please don't get to worked up over this, i don't want anything special." Luke told him. Which was true. Luke never was the kind of person to want something big for his birthday, or any occasion for that matter. He was a simple guy. "Sorry . . ." Ashton signed. They arrived at Starbucks. Luke going in first. He didn't see the girl who was on her way out and bumped into her. If it wasn't for his arms around her waist she would've fallen down. They stared at each other's eyes for a minute. "Dylan!" Luke saw two boys coming towards her. She was taking from his arms. He saw them doing signs to her, she was answering the same way. This meant she was the same as him. Luke could talk to her without feeling uncomfortable. "Luke, are you alright?" Ashton came behind him. He had seen the whole thing. Even the look both of them shared before being pulled apart. "Yeah . . ." Luke answered. Ashton noticed how he kept staring at the girl that was with the other two boys. "Is there something you want to tell me? Do you know her?" Ashton had to snap his fingers in front of Luke's face to bring his attention back to him. "That's her! The girl I saw at the shop!" Luke replied Ashton excitedly. The smile in his face not fading away. He wanted to meet the girl. Luke had seen him before, many times. Besides the one at the shop. Not that he was a stalker or anything. She just happened to be there at the right time in the right places. What Luke noticed is that she was always with one of those boys. It was rare that he ever saw her by herself. He doesn't blame her though. Before Ashton, Luke had to do everything by himself, going grocery or clothes shopping was really awkward for him. Not being able to hear people and not having the skill of reading lips was a disadvantage sometimes. When Ashton arrived, he went everywhere with Luke, to avoid any uncomfortable situations for the boy. When he moved in with him, it made it easier for both of them. Luke was happy that he wouldn't have to experience anymore awkward situations where he delayed the line at the grocery store, just because he didn't know how much he had to pay. He was happy the angry stares people send his way were over. Ashton was more than happy to help him, not because he pitied him; but because he knew Luke didn't deserve all he's been through. He is just trying to be a great best friend to Luke. "Oh . . . Why don't you talk to her?" Ashton told Luke. How would he do that? What should he say to her? His smile began to fade a little. "What do I tell her, Ashton?" Ashton laughed, Luke confused as to why. "Well for starters you could apologize for almost pushing her to the ground." Luke nodded slowly. he saw the girl not too far from them. The boys that were with her asking her question after question. She seemed a bit annoyed, answering each time that she was totally fine. Luke walked towards them, glancing back at Ashton, who sent him an encouraging smile. Ashton went off to order the coffees they were here for in the first place. Luke was nervous, his palms started sweating and he was shaking a bit. He arrived were the girl was and put a hand on her shoulder. He could see out of the corner of his eye, the two boys looking at him, the one with red hair was sending him a glare, the one with black hair was looking curiously at him. "I'm sorry for bumping into you, you could've fallen down, i'm sorry." Luke told the girl, which name was left unknown to him. "It's alright, i'm fine. I was the one who wasn't looking where I was going." The girl answered him and sent him a small smile. Luke smiled back. She was truly beautiful, pearly white teeth, long brown hair, red heart-shaped lips. Luke was entranced by her. "I'm Luke, by the way." He told her. "I'm Dylan, and these are Michael and Calum" She pointed to each of them, turns out the red haired was Michael and the black haired was Calum. He nodded at them. They nodded back, not to happy to see the guy who almost tripped their friend talking to her. Ashton came back with Luke's coffee. "This is Ashton, -" He turned to Ashton, "This is Dylan." "Nice to meet you Dylan." Dylan smiled at him. "Same, these are Michael and Calum." Dylan again motioned to them, same nodding thing going on. "Well, we should go. Nice meeting you guys." Michael said. Luke and Dylan were still looking at each other, smiling every once in a while. Calum noticed this and pulled Dylan close to him. Luke suddenly finding his shoes interesting. "Yeah, we should too. Nice meeting you guys. Sorry for earlier." Ashton said, pulling Luke's hand to grab his attention. "We're leaving." He simply told Luke. He nodded sadly. At least he got to talk to the girl. "Bye, guys." Calum said, as they both practically dragged Dylan with them. She didn't even sai goodbye to Luke. "C'mon Luke you'll see her another time." Ashton said to Luke, but his words came out unsure. He didn't know if that girl was going to make and appearance in their lives again. Luke was happy though. He finally got to talk to the girl of his dreams.
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