American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


3. //Boy//

I Can Almost See It. The Dream I'm Dreaming. There's A Voice Inside My Head Saying. "You'll Never Reach it". He has the same struggle. He doesn't want it though. Who would? He just wants to be normal. He just wants to be like everyone else. But there's always someone. Someone who thinks low of him. Someone who will put his hopes down. He hears. Not like we do. But inside his head. A voice. A dark one. A mean one. Tell him how no one likes him. How everyone hates him. How he is a waste of space. He tries not to believe this voice. To put it at the back of his mind. But he can't. The voice is too strong. Every Step I'm Taking. Every Move I Make Feels. Lost With No Direction. My Faith Is Shaking. Everytime he takes one step forward, two steps back come in return. He doesn't know what to do. He's alone. He can't express himself. So how can anyone understand him? Only a few understand his signs. Only a few know what's going on inside his mind. He tries to hold on. To keep whatever sanity is left on his mind untouched. But that plan is failing. Slowly crumbling to the ground. He doens't know what to do anymore. His faith is slowly fading. Ain't About How Fast I'll Get There. Ain't About What's Waiting On The Other Side. It's The Climb. But he won't give up that easy.He's going to fight. Fight the voice inside his head. The voice that tells him horrible stuff. Kill People. Cut Yourself. Kill Yourself. He's going to avoid it. Push it to the back of his head. Because he know he can overcome any obstacle. He wants to believes in himself. He wants to have faith in himself. Without that voice crushing it. He will do it.
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