18 Black

Things that happen once can happen again, but differently.

Do we call it a coincidence if we fall in love?


4. 03

Steph's POV


I couldn't keep up with his pace, he dragged me up the stairs not caring if I tripped or if I got slammed into a couple who were busy sucking eachother's face off. Harry pushed me into a random room and locked the door behind him.

At this point fear would be taking over, but no, I just had to drink a ton and feel like I'm not afraid of a thing.

"This looks hot on you" Harry says messing with my belly piercing.

"Really?" I smirk surprised that someone like Harry knew how to compliment someone.

Harry's fingers unexpectedly slip under my shirt earning a loud gasp due to his sudden action.

"I don't lie baby" He smirks before attaching his lips to mine. Everything happened in a quick motion I was still confused to why I'm letting him do this.

"Kiss me back" He growls noticing that I haven't responded to him and I shake my head no.

"If your looking for a good fuck, I'm not your one" I say pushing Harry away from me.

"I didn't give you a choice did I?" He smirks widely as fear overcame me, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a bit sober now. This much fear practically explained it.

"Don't Ha-arry" I stutter as he walks closer with eyes filled with lust.

The door wasn't that far from me, I walk back a few steps more as Harry was still walking towards me step by step. I immediately grab the lamp next to me and throw it on the floor to give me enough time to sprint towards the door hurrying to unlock it and run down the stairs so Harry doesn't catch me.

"Where have you been?!" Lola slurs placing an arm on my shoulder not capable of standing on her own.

"Home, now" I drag Lola outside with me.

"Why go home so early?" She whines

Well short story short, your lover boy's step-brother was giving me lip action and I panicked.

"I'm tired" I lie then go back inside alone to search for someone to take us home.

It was hard to look for a certain person in a big ass crowd, I'm searching for a blonde; Niall, but why the hell does there have to be like 10 other different dudes here with blonde hair? Though again Niall wasn't born with blonde naturally but for someone like Niall, he could pull it off.

Now, it was about 10 mintues for my manhunt for Niall, christ how many blondes are even here? I wonder around some more before I was pulled back and stumble into something hard.

"What the fu-" My eyes widen as my vision came clear to who pulled me back. "Harry" I breathe

"Caught you" He smirked

"Niall found me before you!" Lola said from behind Harry with Niall helping her stand up correctly. Thank you Lola. "Are we going home now?" She slurs before eyeing both me and Harry, before I could respond, Harry chimes in and responds for me.

"I'll take her home" He sent a short smile to Lola and she nodded before waddling off with Niall.

"I'm not going with you" I cross my arms not wanting to move from my spot whatsoever.

"Stop being childish"

"Are you even sober enough?" I scoff

"I was never drunk" He laughs as my eyes widen. I officially cannot tell the difference between drunk and sober. That means he knew what he was doing, he was doing it intentionally. Bastard.

"Ha ha" I sarcastically roll my eyes before walking away from Harry.

"Don't be like that baby" The same voice says from behind me, his hot breath fanning over my bare neck, it caused me to shudder since I've actually never had anyone do this to me. His lips come in contact with my neck, sucking on the skin ever so lightly.

Then, reality shot back into me. I back away from Harry seeing a smirk spread widely across his face.

"I want to go home" I cough before walking past him to go look for his car


The car ride back to my place was quiet, I did catch a few glances from Harry though. I shifted in my seat since I was feeling uncomfortable sitting in the same car as Harry. The appearance of my apartment comes in view, I couldn't be more excited than right now just seeing the view of my place.

"Thanks" I mumble and earn a nod from Harry as I began to unbuckle my seatbelt to get out. Just as I was about to open the passenger door, a rough hand stops me from making any further moves.

"I'm sorry" He says looking away not wanting to make any eye contact.

"Don't say anything if you don't mean it" I scoff trying to pull my wrist back but fail awfully.

"I'll make it up to you tomorrow night" He smirks, as I think deeply into his proposition.

"If this is one of your se-" I began to say but Harry breaks out laughing.

"It won't" He says then mumbles something to himself that only himself hears. I brush it off and smile lightly towards him and thank him once more before getting out his car.

Tonight was heck of a night, just dear the lord tell me I won't remember anything by tomorrow morning. Once I'm inside my apartment, I heard strange loud noises from the hall coming from Lola's room. Double checking the shoe rack, just in case I see a pair of Niall shoes but I don't. What the hell is Lola doing in her room? She couldn't possibly be...touching herself would she?

I tiptoe quietly to Lola's door just wanting to figure if Lola was doing naughty things that should'nt be done here, especially when I partially live here. Bringing my hand in the air, I pound loudly on the door hearing a different voice cursing 'Shit'

"Lola!" I yell pounding on her door, I keep repeatedly pound onto her door but don't get any answer from her. I swear if her and Niall keep moaning freakishly loud, I will pack up all my belongings and have a one way ticket to Beijing. But then again, I'm pretty China has already heard them.

Who knew that my best friend would lose her innocence tonight, I always thought she would be the type to lose it with something like a romantic dinner, coming along with a bed with rose petals with candles lit in every corner of the room. Then POW THERE GOES HER INNOCENCE.

After I get done changing out of my previous clothes into more comfy clothes, I snuggle into my bed and drift off to slumber.


Groaning loudly from a hand that kept shaking my sleepy body back and forth. Why can't people leave me and sleep alone?

"Steph! An old friend is here!" A squeaky voice nearly popping my ear drums off.

"Tell them to go away!" I yell into the pillow making the sound come out muffled

"You've been sleeping the whole day! C'mon"

"I happen to LIKE sleeping all day"

"Alright, fine. I'll just tell Ri-" She says before I shot out of bed and ran straight towards the door nearly tripping over my own feet.

"RIAN!" I called out looking around the living room till I see a figure coming out the bathroom door.

When I realise the figure belonged to Rian, I run into him and wrap my entire body into his. It's been so long since me and him have seen eachother. He was one of the greatest friends you could have.

"Nice to see you to Steph" He chuckled before wrapping his arms around my small body. "I missed you" He smiled down at me earning a smile in return.

"I missed you too" A squeaky voice said from around the corner of the room.

"GO AWAY LOLA" Both me and Rian said at the same time before we all giggled.

Half the day went on and the three of us sat down and watched movies. About half the movies we watched I had fallen asleep because I had probably already seen it.

"Met anyone yet?" Rian smirked

"Nope" I smirk back but then remembered that Harry had promised me a night out. I glanced down at my phone to check the time but an unknown new message caught my eye. Opening the message it reads:

I wil pick you up at 8 
xx H

Already knew it was Harry. I was still debating if I should stay here with Rian and Lola or just go with Harry.

"Do you guys mind if I leave?" I say

"For? To see your boyfriend" Rian cooed causing to Lola to laugh.

"No, its a...makeupforwhattheydidlastnightthing" I say making sure they couldn't understand a word I had said, which so I did accomplish due to their confused looks.

I run up to my room giggling,glancing at my phone, this time looking at the time. Right now it was 7:28pm. I has about half an hour to get ready, I wasn't sure if I was suppose to dress formally or non-formally so I just threw on casual everyday clothing.

Once I get done putting on my shoes and rechecking if I have everything, I recieve another text from Harry saying that hes outside waiting. Is it odd that he's here at exactly 8? I rushed out the front door so I wouldn't have to answer any of RIan or Lola's questions, I'll answer them when I come back later tonight.

"Hey" I awkwardly say when I get into Harry's car, in response he nods towards me. "Hey to you too" I mumble to myself as Harry starts pulling out of the driveway.

"What was that?" He cocked an eyebrow up in curiousity and I shook my head meaning nothing was said. The car ride was taking forever and it was quiet, nothing was heard but the wind hitting the windows. Harry wouldn't even let me turn the radio on, what kind of human being sits in a car this quiet? Oh wait, only Harry.

"Where are we even going?" I cross my arms frustrated that the car ride was to quiet.

"We're almost there" He smirked

"You said that already" I roll my eyes mentioning his previous answers to my previous question. "Are we actually almost there this time?" I try one more time expecting an actual answer.

"We're here now" He says before unbuckling his seatbelt and getting out the car, leaving me inside the car.

I groan loudly and get out of car before following Harry into a resturuant. It took me awhile to find Harry until I found a mop of curls knowing that it would belong to Harry. I looked at Harry's attire and realised that we were wearing similar outfits. Harry was wearing a black t-shirt as for I, I was wearing a white v-neck. Both of us wore skinny jeans but in all honesty I'm pretty sure that Harry's jeans were 10x tighter than mine. How did he even pull them up?

"Done staring at me?" A voice broke me out of my thoughts and I casually roll my eyes and grin Harry's way.

"Where are we?" I ask as we are sat down at a table near a huge window.

"The Modern" He smiles

"I'm serious" I eye him

"What would you like to order here at 'The Modern'" The waiter asks impatiently practically answering my question making my cheeks blush in embarrassment.

"Roasted Cod" Harry says to the waiter and then both turn their attention to me.

"Uhmm..." I stutter not knowing what to say since I've never actually been here.

"She'll have the same" Harry chuckles giving the waiter both our orders.

"Why here?" I pout for my lack of embarrassment tonight

"Newbie here huh" He chuckles once more

We talked for a bit, but it didn't last that long. I barely knew what to talk about, all I knew was that I have to survive this night out since this is Harry's way of saying sorry.

Once our food has arrived, I look at it hungrily since just the look of it was devouring. Harry chuckled earning a death glare from me as I dig in.

"Its so good" I moan as I chew slowly onto the meat. I catch a glimpse of Harry shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "Are you okay?" I arch an eyebrow worried I had done something wrong. But then again why do I care? It's just an apology night out. Harry only nodded giving me a light smile before digging into his food himself.

A short while then, we decided to skip the dessert since Harry had insisted in making me dessert back at his place. I wasn't so sure of going but then again he did seem like a nice guy...at some points.


"You don't live with Niall?" I asked confused as I wander around his apartment.

"Nope" He answers blandly and I nod in underestanding

"Where's my dessert?" I ask then feel a warm presense behind me causing me to stiffen in place.

"Right here" Harry says lowly before turning my body to face his then attaching his lips to mine. Harry placed one of his hands on my lower back and pushed my body into his as his other hand was placed below my chin so I wouldn't be able to unattach our lips. The warmth of his mouth sent a current into my body as his soft lips were on mine. A second then, Harry bit my bottom lip causing me to yelp and Harry took that chance to attack my mouth with his tongue. Harry then pulled back and smiled down at me.

"You responded" He smiled

"And?" I grin before taking a seat on the couch.

"You liked it"

"No I didn't" I lie, trying to control myself from not blushing like an idiot. "Will you take me home now?" I change subjects not wanting to talk about what had happened earlier.

"I was thinking you could stay here for the night...after all it is late out and I'm tired" He huffs before plopping himself down next to me on the couch.

"Fine, you do have an extra room right?" I give in

Harry shakes his head no before saying. "You can sleep in my room and I'll sleep on the couch or we can both sleep in the room" He winks earning a playful punch from me.

"Funny" I sarcastically say


Harry goes to a closet in his room and grabs an extra pillow and blanket for himself to sleep with on the couch. Harry also gave me on of his t-shirts which smelled like him, lord his scent is devouring. Once Harry gets out of the room. I close the door before stripping out of my clothes and put on Harry's large t-shirt onto my small body.

Once I have myself settled in Harry's comfortable bed. Sleep then overcomes my body; I finally drift off to slumber.



I'm trying not to rush the story so please forgive me with my lack of ._. wth do you call it? anyways stay with me you sex crazed people cx




LOL xx

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