18 Black

Things that happen once can happen again, but differently.

Do we call it a coincidence if we fall in love?


3. 02

Steph's POV


Streaks of bright light were peeking in from the window shield causing me to groan loudly. My wrist was still sore from last night's events. An annoying voice with obnoxious pounds were coming from behind my door.

"STEPH!" Lola called out still pounding on the piece of shit

"I'm up!" I answer the question before she asks and run straight towards the bathroom that is hooked in the corner of my room and took a nice warm shower.

Weather today was sure to be warm, I decided to wear a black pocket shift dress, along with a simple makeover. Grabbing all my belongings for school, I walk out my bedroom meeting Lola at the bottom of the staircase.

"Come on! Niall is out there waiting" Lola pushed me towards the shoe rack so I could hurry and decide which pair I wanted to wear; my black vans duh.

"In what? His mothers car?" I joked earning a nudge to the side from Lola.

"Nothing" She blushed as my eyes widen in shocked

"We're walking?" A shock expression took over my entire face, she nodded as I put on my vans shaking my head in disappointment that I'll be walking in the hot sun. "Let's go" I breathe out

"Seriously?" She looks shocked by my decision of actually walking in the damn hotness.

"If you don't hurry, I'll change my mind"


"That walk felt like forever" Lola complains for the hundredth time, how is Niall not annoyed? Who cares, we're finally somewhere that has air conditioning.

We all went our separate ways to class, though I was stopped by an unexpected view. A boy was hovering over a girl, he groping her butt whilst kissing her roughly.

Plwek, disgusting.

Both their heads shot up in my direction, exactly telling me I had accidentally said that out loud. I examined their faces quickly and realised that the girl was Acacia Willas and the boy was...Harry, Niall's step brother.

I have got to stop saying things out loud unexpectedly. Christ Steph.

I turn on my heel and walk away quickly before a large rough hand pulls me back causing me to tumble backwards into something hard.

"What the-" I began to say but immediately shut up when I realise who it was, Harry. Honestly I was scared that Harry might hurt me again, but never would I let him be one of my fears. "Fuck" I say finishing my sentence before finishing it off with an accomplished smirk.

"Maybe next time" He whispers lowly into my ear, his hot breath fanning over my skin causing millions of goosebumps to rise up my skin.

"You dirty minded sicko" I push him hard enough so that I could run towards my class. I could hear him laughing down the hall, this wasn't funny. What if he raped me?

Classes felt faster than usual, Lola probably went with Niall for lunch since I denied her request last night, looks like I'll be going on my own. Yay.

"Well look who it is" A raspy voice from behind me startled the crap out of my causing me to drop my extremely heavy books onto my foot.

"Fuck" I hiss

"Sorry" He giggled before helping me pick up my books and placing them in my arms.

"Thanks" I say "Zayn?" I arch my brow in confusion. He moved to London about two years ago, now he's back.

"Stephy-" I stop him from saying that nickname by stomping my foot on his earning him to hiss loudly. "Oww"

"You deserved it" I smirked "Why are you back?"

"Harsh" He looks taken aback "Don't want me here?" He gasps "Everybody does"

"Same old Zayn...but way different style" I eye him up and down to his new apparel style. He wore a black t-shirt underneath a leather jacket with skinny black jeans, kind of like Harry's attire.

"Your not the same Steph that I meant in freshman year" He smirked "Let's grab lunch ey? Catch up a bit" A small smile creeps in on his face, before I can reply to his previous statement, I nod and he quickly grabs my hand walking me towards the parking lot.

"This is your ride?" A feared expression took over my face. He nodded, adding more fear than needed.

"Don't tell me your scared of motorcycles" He says probably reading all the expressions on my face.

"I'm not that of a bad ass like you" I roll my eyes

"I'll call my friend to pick us up yeah? Were eating lunch with them anyways" He says and I nod faster than I could comprehend. Oh well, I sure as hell am not going on that thing. I could die for not strapping myself tightly against Zayn's torso.

We waited a while till a black Range Rover pulled into the parking lot. "C'mon" Zayn grabs my hand pulling me towards the car. The windows were very well tinted and you could barely see what was inside but a shadow of a figure. "Go in" He gestures me to hop in the backseat with him sitting next to me. "Aren't you going to go now?" Zayn asked the driver as I'm staring at my hands. "Harry! Mate!" Zayn practically yelled as my breath hitches at the name.

Examining the features of the driver, I see that it's Harry. Fuck, damn it Zayn. Couldn't blame Zayn though, he was a clue less ding dong.

"Shut up Zayn" He says before pulling out the parking lot.

The car ride wasn't long, Harry pulled up to one of my favorite resturaunts; Essen's Fast Slow Resturuant. Only reason why I liked it so mucn was because it had a variety of foods, who doesn't like a resturuant with more than one choice? Zayn lightly wraps his hand around my wrist signaling me that it's time to get out the damn car and to stop staring at the resturuant. I get out the car slowly making sure I don't trip to make a fool out of myself.

"Thanks" I smile lightly earning a small smile from Zayn in return.

Zayn still has his hand wrapped around my tiny wrist pulling me towards the resturaunt, his grasp not tightening nor loosening.

We're seated at a small round table with two other people; both attractive.

"Finally you guys are here!" One with extremely deep cheekbones said getting up from his seat patting both Harry and Zayn on the back and giving me a small smile. "She's yours?" He asked looking at our hands, Zayn's hand was still wrapped around my wrist. I shake my wrist out of his hold but he tightens it a bit making sure I don't escape. Sending him an annoying glare didn't do anything, of course not.

"She is" He smirked at me. How dare he say that. What if my reputation is ruined now? Shaking my head behind Zayn's back made everyone at the table laugh besides Harry.

"What a thing, I'm Louis, this is Liam an that's Harry" He introduced everyone to me.

"Steph" I smile, they were all attractive. Especially Harry.

"Enough flirting" Zayn pouted causing me to giggle. First time I've heard this from Zayn. "What do you want?" He asked

"Salad" I grin

"Who orders salad for lunch?" Harry says in a disgusted voice

"I do" I sneered and see that Zayn had already walked away probably getting me my wondrous salad. "How do you even know Zayn?" I ask Harry since we were the only ones left at the table.

"None of your business" He snaps

"Just asking"

"Stop asking about your boyfriend"

"My boyfriend?" I sound completely offended that he would say something like that.

"Oh I'm sorry, fuck buddy then?" Harry corrects himself before smirking.

"How do they even hang out with someone like you?" I murmur to myself

"Those are reasons you don't need to know" He says, probably heard what I said.

"Here" Zayn places a plate full of salad in front of me before taking a seat next to me. I nodded him thanks and I got a smile from him in return.

We all ate in silence, there were conversations here and there but they didn't last long.

"Were having a party later at my place, it'd be nice if you came" Liam said before gulping down his lemonade.

"Someone like her can party?" Harry snickers earning a playful punch in the arm from Louis."Ow what the fuck"

"Shut up Harry, be nice" Louis says as Harry just rolls his eyes annoyed.

"Yeah, I'll go" I smile towards them then smirking at Harry. Two can play at this game. Though I don't know what game was being played.

"I'll pick you up at 8" Zayn smiled

"I'll pick you up at 8" Harry mocks before paying for his lunch and walking out of Essen's.


Of course I wasn't going to go alone at this party, Lola was coming. We both got ready for the party at Louis's, after a while of rummaging through piles of clothes. Both me and Lola discovered that we both ended up pickng the same things. I couldn't blame her though, we practically have the same sense of style. Looks like i'll be having a twin tonight. We both wore light washed high waisted shorts with a crop top that stops right above both our belly piercings. Our parents don't know about our piercings, we got them after we got the apartment.

As for makeup wise, Lola did a smokey eye, and me? Well I did a nude look, I liked a more casual look than what Lola liked, there's one difference between us.My phone vibrates indicating a text message was sent towards me.

Zayn- I'll be there in 5 (: xx

Steph- Ok (: sg.

I reply Zayn then nod towards Lola signaling her it's time to get our asses out the door. I shove my phone into my bag then head down the stairs along with Lola to put on my white low-top converses. Just as we get out the door, Zayn's car pulled into the parking lot.

"Has he changed much?" Lola asked aas we walked towards his car.

"He's changed by a ton...I think I like senior Zayn better than junior Zayn" I smirked lastly before opening the door to Zayn's car and crawling inside.

The car ride to the party wasn't as long as I thought it was. His house was legit about two miles away from the apartment.

"Steph?" Both Lola and Zayn call out to me standing next to the opened door, which meant I was the only one left in the car. I hopped out the car, fixing my crop top by pulling it down a bit just to make it more comfortable whilst I walk.

Music from the inside was blaring so loud you can hear it from the outside, I swear I think even China could hear this. Then again it's a party, so it don't matter anyways.

The house was crowded with tons of sweaty sticky bodies collding with eachother. Some were drinking, some were dancing, and some were just being an asshole. 'Cough cough'

"Ou she actually came" An obnoxious voice said from behind us, the voice that belonged to the boy I am starting to grow hate for.

"Mmhm I did" I turn around to respond and only get a smirk from him in return as he takes a swig from the red plastic cup in his hand.

"I'm going to go find Niall" Lola informs quicky before leaving me, not even letting me have a chance to respond to her. Great way of showing our friendship Lola. I walk over to what seemed like the bar and grabbed a red plastic cup filled up halfway with a strong liquid. I chug down the whole cup, letting the strong sting of liquid ooze down my throat before grabbing another, then another and another, until I was no longer in control of myself.

Durning my drinks, I did have a small talk with Louis and other unknown people. I knew no one here, it's awkward making friends out of the blue that easily.

"Come with me" A familiar voice whispered lowly into my ear but loud enough for me to hear. A hand wrapped around my wrist and pulled me through the crowd of colliding bodies and drunk assholes.




Thanks to you guys for getting me above 100 reads! I know it's not much but honestly it's an accomplishment on wattpad lol. WITH 3 FAVS still a thing that's not much but you know what? WE DONT CARE, NEITHER DO I. Its your choice to fav if you like the book no pressure intended (: Thanks once again.

Honestly I think I have a habit with putting my letters in all caps. OH AND TODAY HOLY CRAP, I SAW A SOPHOMORE STUDENT AND HE WAS CUTE BUT NOT HARRY FUCKEN STYLES CUTE. BC THEN NO ._. LOL #NoLyfe

lol . k . ily . bye .


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