The White Rose

"Okay class, I know it's your last year of high school and Valentine's Day is coming soon, so now is the time for the White Rose Project, WRP for short. Each student is given an exact amount of roses for their class. All of the roses are red except for one white rose. You will give the white rose to one special person, and red to the others. This will test your bravery and honesty."


3. 3

     After eating with Eli I drive to that dreadful place everyone calls school. Unfortunately I have English 1st hour and if what Eli said was true, I'm in for hell.

As I walk into the high school building I see someone walking in front of me.  I recognize the kid eventually as Aaron. He is a Douche-bag, but I'm not gonna lie when I say he is attractive. As he walks into the school of coarse he doesn't open the door for me, even though I'm only a few steps away from him. I don't know, In a perfect world, he wouldn't open the door for me because he was in love with me and too shy to admit it, but in this case, he just barely knows I exist. I hate that I like him, not because he's too attractive for him ever to love me, but because he is a douche, and still, every girl in school is in heat over him. So of coarse do to my drifting thoughts of this beautiful stranger I of coarse slam into the fucking glass door embarrassing myself to the max. This is not the way I wanted Aaron to notice me, but sadly, it is. He whirls his head around at the loud crash of me slamming into the stupid glass door and then his eyes dart down to where I'm lying, like a fuck immobilized retard. my checks are flush and I can get the courage to stand up, do to all the dirty looks surrounding me.

"Oh my god, are you ok?" he asks trying to hold in a chuckle. 

"y-yeah" I say as I pick myself up from the concrete ground. of coarse Aaron chooses not to help me in anyway. not that I needed help, but still.

"Hey, your in my English class right?"   

"y-yeah" I say with the same amount of doubt in my voice as before.

"Isn't your name Claire?" he asks in a friendly tone, which frankly is more intimidating than friendly, almost as if he's mocking me. As if he knows that's not my name, but close enough to be mistaken, as if he hasn't known me since kindergarten when I was first put into this lame excuse of a school district. but of coarse instead of telling him all that I simply reply,

"No, its Clara." I say making sure to add a smile as fake as possible to get my point across.

"Clara... are you sure?" he replies. You think I don't know my own fucking name? How stupid does he think I am? He is infuriating, but then he flashes me that big, sweet, bright smile which makes me believe that everything is ok for half a second, but its not, not until he says,

"I'm just kidding Clara. I know that's your name." Then, with a chuckle and a turn of footsteps he walks away before yelling, "See ya in english!" without even giving me a second glance, and with that he has left me in dismay once again. And still, after all that, I'm not sure if he was really kidding about not knowing my name.

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