The White Rose

"Okay class, I know it's your last year of high school and Valentine's Day is coming soon, so now is the time for the White Rose Project, WRP for short. Each student is given an exact amount of roses for their class. All of the roses are red except for one white rose. You will give the white rose to one special person, and red to the others. This will test your bravery and honesty."


1. 1

       I'm awaken from my slumber be the generic alarm on my iPhone.


"Ok Clara, you have ten seconds to get out of bed 10...9...9-9-9..."


I'm allured away from my treacherous attempt at getting out of bed by the thoughts of what I have to do at school today, and what it would be like if I didn't go. I hear the pitter patter of my mother around the house as she gets ready for her day. My mom doesn't wake me up for school. "It feels wrong to wake up a sleeping child", she would say,"it feels like taking candy from a baby, teens need their sleep" so now I have to set my alarm every night to get up in the mornings.

I decide to crawl out of my warm bed and get ready for school.

High School, to be exact. I hate it. Everyone thinks high school is a start for new beginnings and exploring fun things but it's not, at least not in my school. In my school you'r constantly judged by what you ware, say, and do. The teachers and supervisors treat you like play-doe. They poke and prod you and shape and mold until they get the best "adult" they can and send you off into the real world.

I tend to be a drifter, at least that's what my mom says. Which reminds me that I'm still standing in my room with my pajamas on.

I put on some skinny jeans and a novelty long sleeve t-shirt. Then I but in my contacts, brush on some mascara, and brush my hair and teeth. I head to the kitchen and get halfway there before my mother chides, "it's sapossed to be cold today" Knowing she's right I turn on my heel with an "ugh" and head back to my room to grab a jacket and a beanie. While I'm in my room I grab my iPhone and backpack and head back to the kitchen. I grab a peace of toast and say a simple "bye mom!" Before I'm out the door. Did I mention this is my last year of high school? Thank fucking God.

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