This is a fanfiction written about two of my best friends, John and Kadin. Also known as Jadin to our little group of friends. We all ship them as a couple so why not. We all kinda took part in it so hope you like it.


1. Night Shift

Chapter 1

10 Years Later

“Hey babe, wanna go out tonight?” I asked, holding the cold phone to my ear. “I’m so sorry John, I have to work late again, maybe over the weekend.” the deep voice responded. “No, no it’s fine! I am still a bit tired anyway, I would be cranky. Um... have fun at work.” I sighed and placed the phone on my bedside table. It’s been a while since I’ve woken up with him beside me. I know he is trying to do whats best for the rent, food, and other essentials, but I haven’t properly seen him in ages. For a brief amount of time, I closed my eyes and decided to plan out my day. First, a shower.

I removed the covers from above me, and stepped off the bed. I folded the covers and tucked it neatly under the pillows. Then, I grabbed a pair of jeans, a shirt, some boxers, and a towel and headed for the bathroom.

After my shower, I got dressed and threw my towel in the clothes hamper. Time for another boring day of doing absolutely nothing. I went to the kitchen and started sifting through the fridge. After a bit of searching, I found some bagged milk(AN: BECAUSE JOHN’S CANADIAN XD). Going to the pantry, I found a box of random chocolate cereal. I poured myself a bowl and turned on the TV.

After flipping through some channels I settled on watching old reruns of Doctor Who. Not even listening to the show, I was trying to think of an excuse to go outside. Maybe Sam is free, I sure hope she is. I call up Sam and ask her if we can hang out. She responds with “Sure, in a little bit though. I got the kids to babysit until Lucie comes back home.” I chuckle. “They are quite the handful.” I mention and she laughs. “Definatly. What do you say meeting at the beach at around two?” Sam asks, eagerness in her voice. “Sure, see you then. Try not to kill yourself!” I joke. “Haha no promises, these little tards will never let me go alive!” she jokes along with me, before hanging up.

 Looking at the clock, I notice that it is only noon. Might as well do something to occupy myself until we hang out. Hrm… What to do… I ask myself. I decided to pass time by playing some Pokemon Green Leaf.

-Time Skip to Time to Leave-

I realized it was time to get going to the beach so I saved the game and brushed my teeth. Before leaving, I grabbed my wallet and keys. I took one last look around the empty house and whispered, “Bye honey…”

    I started walking down the sidewalk, wondering about Kadin. He’s always gone, sadly. The job he has now says that it’s a day job, but he always has to work late. I haven’t seen him in weeks and I’ve been so lonely. He doesn’t let me get a job either. He doesn’t want me to work because we are fine with his job bringing in the money, but I am always super freaking bored. I only want a job because I have so much free time. I still have all my friends from 10 years ago, but they all have jobs and family to take care of.

    Snapping out of my thoughts, I realized I was already stepping on the beach. I looked up from the ground searched around for Sam. Inspecting the left side, I notice a small figure in the distance jumping and yelling. “JOOOOOOOOOHN! JOOOOOOOOOOHN! OVER HERE! IT’S YOUR FRIEND, SAM!” I chuckled. I started jogging over there, feeling the hot sand beneath my feet. I love the beach.

    As I approached Sam, I noticed she was frowning. I looked at her confused and all she said was, “I’m so sorry.” and hugged me. I immediately knew what she was talking about and started sobbing. “Its ok… Let’s sit down and we can talk about it.” she soothed me, I nodded and sniffled. “Ok, tell me everything.” she said while sitting down.

    I told her everything, the job, my need for a job, the loneliness, everything. The whole time she stayed silent, periodically nodding her head. When I was finished she started talking. “You need to tell Kadin this, you can’t just bottle up your feelings. I remember when I thought Lucie was dating Mary from school and I was so sad. I never even bothered listening to her explanation, I just… left.” she says, a tear sliding down her cheek. “But then, one day, she came up to me while walking home. She started bawling about Bailey and how she didn’t love her, just like you did now. I listened to every bit of it, soaking in the truth. She still trusted me.

She still loved me.” Sam finished. I was in awe. I had never know what actually made them get back together, I didn’t know it happened like this. It was oddly… beautiful, in a way.

    Sam and I talked from afternoon until evening, talking about old high school memories, life right now, and just plain joked around. “Remember when you refused to talk? You finally started talking when you met the whole gang.” Sam mentions, giggling. “Why didn’t you talk, anyway?” she asked, looking at the waves. “I found speech unnecessary, plus I did not like people very much.” I said chuckling. She sighs with contempt, and rolls over to look at me. “So, what are you going to do when you get home?”

“I don’t know, probably wait for him to come home and talk to him about our relationship.” I answer, looking down at the sand beneath us.

“Ok good, if anything goes wrong, call me. I have to go soon, I am the house cook.” She mentions, and I chuckle.

“Sure, I will. Say ‘hi’ to Lucie for me.” I say as I get up along with her.

“Ok, bye.” Sam says as she hugs me.


-Time Skip to One in the Morning-

Kadin’s PoV

    I tried to close the door as quietly as possible. I set my bag down and sighed. I thought over work today. Man, she was amazing…

    “Kadin?” I jumped slightly.

    “Oh, John! I thought you would be asleep by now.” I said, trying to cover for what I was think about.

    “Well… um… we need to talk.” I started getting nervous.

    “Ok, what about?”

    “Your job. I know you are trying to do whats best for us, but I NEVER see you anymore. Our… relationship is falling apart, Kadin.” he says. How am I supposed to respond to that?

    “Oh… I’m sorry I don’t know how to fix the problem, I need this job!” I say, hoping not to upset him. “I know you can’t just leave it, but the job is supposed to be day shift and you are always come home late at night!” He responds, raising his voice a little.

    “I am really sorry! I’ll talk with my boss, but he is a very unreasonable man!” I slightly shout.

    “YOU SAY THAT EVERY TIME I TELL YOU TO STOP WORKING NIGHT SHIFT!” John yells, taking me off guard. He has never yelled at me before… He has started talking more than he did in high school, but he never screams... The lack of response from me causes him to realize what he did, and he turned around.

    “JUST GO AWAY!” he shouts and he storms into the bedroom, locking the door behind him. Oh god, I fucked up. Well, I fucked up a long time ago when I took this job. I couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down my face. I didn’t even try to wipe them away. I realized what I had done, John doesn’t deserve me. I picked my bag up once more, grabbed my keys and slid them under the door to the bedroom. I took one last look at the apartment, and left.

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