Its about my life


1. Me

Hay I'm one of those types of girls that likes pretty much every cute guy in the room but lately I've only had a crush on this extremely cute guy in my class he has supreme blond hair with a cliff and pale white skin with eye catching baby blue eyes that are just dreamy and mind melting that you just can't miss and you will most likely see him with the same 2 sweat shirts he wares about every day and faited blue jeans with some cool shoes he has a great personality and the only think I personaly don't like about him is that he hunt's and then the rest is just a mystery I think he's perfect and I believe he said he was catholic. Now that you know pretty much everything I do about him besides the fact that his X is one of my enemie's but he broke up for her. Okay now to tell you a bit about myself my name is Jasmine my age is a mystery. I don't know how to whistle I LOVE pittbulls, I have a cat, pittbull, rat, black-lab, chiwawa, and a snake. My parents got divorsted when I was 2. My middle names Raelynn but I believe other wise. My hair color is supreme blond/strawberrie blond. I like to believe that I was adopted cause I just don't fit in, I never will. People dont understand me besides my 3 bestest friends, Ellexis Renea, Alexis Corlew, And Emily Holt. I act like A stupid girly-girl but deep down I am SO much more my 4 parents smoke and once I had eaten several maharaja cookies before and gott'n really "high" at a very young age (A.K.A. 11) and everything was EXTREMELY blury and I almost blacked out and when I said I couldent breath well ----- just laghed at me in front of my older sister and at 13 she fainted too. my favorite color is mostly black but I like indago too. I have 8 sisters not counting the ones on my dad's side and 1 brother not counting my dad's side. When I am not at school am chuging down on junk food playing on my computer or arrguing with my mom that currently live with. When I said that I chug down on junk food that doesn't make me fat it's almost impossible for me to get fat I actully have a eating disorder. I love Insects (A.K.A. SPIDER'S). I am a nihilist. I believe in ghosts. And wish that my name is Morbid NightMayer. and yes I do know I spelled that wrong besides that sorry if I made any mistakes. <3 bye ...........................................................................To Be Continued.................................................................
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