You'll be sorry

You'll be sorry I said walking away I turn around and see his green eyes looking at me as I blew him a kiss walking away once again.


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You'll be sorry I said walking away I turn around and see his green eyes looking at me as I blow him a kiss and start walking once again.

------------------- 4 years later

Yes I know mom I need to find someone to marry and love me for me I said into my phone. Gosh my mom won't stop telling me how I need to find someone. Yes I get it that my mom wants me to be happy but she's kinda rushing it. I'm 27 I live in an apartment I have a black lab and I have 1 roommate. See my sister on the other hand is 30 and is married has a 1 year old son joe. My mom wants me to be like my sister but ya know I'm not gonna. I'm artistic I love art I love to socialize and I'm just a fun person.

Honey are you listening my mom asked on the other line

Yes mom but I got to go I'll call you later I said into the phone

Ok Kim I love you she said

Love you to mom I said and hung up

My roommate walked out of her room with her boyfriend. she was wearing his shirt and he was wearing sweat pant and no shirt.

Well somebody had fun last night I said laughing she smiled and blushed a little intertwining her fingers with her boyfriend jack.

You need to find someone she said sitting down in front of me as jack went to go back into her room.

Oh No !!!! my mom just walked in the room I said leaning back looking at her.

Well tonight me and you are going to the club and your going to find somebody she said arching her eyebrows and getting up to go back into her room.


Well now were going to the club and I'm wearing red lipstick dark eye shadow with a red dress that is short and hugs my hips just right.

Then there's chelsy my roommate who's wearing a black dress.

Ready to go Kim she asked standing by the door

Sure I said groaning and walking out the door

Oh stop whining she said closing the door

Well now were at the club and I'm pretty sure chelsy forgot she has a boyfriend because she has her tongue down someone's throat I decide to go into a room that they have at the club so I could just get on my phone and lay down . I open the door to a room and there are those green eyes again that look at me. But the he looks at the girl and back at me.

Kimm? Harry asks

Wrong room I said and shut the door. I heard the door open behind me and a felt a strong arm pull my wrist.

Wait he said with pleading eyes

Ummm no I said and pulled my wrist away and tried walking away again

Hey who's this guy chelsy said walking up to us out of the blue

Wait is this Harry styles she asked shocked looking at me "and you don't want to get with it?"

No chelsy let's go your drunk we need to leave I said

Fine she pouted stomping her feet exiting the building

Don't forget you'll be sorry I said as I took a drink out if someone's hand and dumped on his head.


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