Going Down // Hemmings

"the only thing worse than being stuck in an elevator is being stuck in an elevator with you." © ashtxning on wattpad 2014 [cover by moonxriver]


1. Prologue

I should have taken the stairs, I think as I watch Luke snore loudly on the other side of the elevator. Because one, I wouldn't be stuck in an elevator. And two, I wouldn't be stuck in an elevator with him. 


Having nothing else to look at, my eyes catch the frayed ends of my laces to my combat boots. If I would have known that I would be getting stuck in an elevator this morning, I would have worn my slippers, because god, these were uncomfortable. I slip the boots off and wiggle my toes. It is great to finally be able to move my feet again. 


Our phones died hours ago, and I'm not even sure that it's morning anymore. All I know is we're stuck and I'm not quite sure anyone else knows we're in here. Hopefully there are cameras in these elevators. Or else we're probably gonna die here. 


Luke's snores stop and he wakes. "What time is it?" Oh, the joys and oblivion of just waking up. 


"I would know if our phones hadn't died," I snap. 


"Yeah, well, that's partly your fault." 


"Whatever," I roll my eyes and lie down. "You had your rest, now I get to have mine."


"Sweet dreams, bitchatcho." 


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