The Summer That Changed Everything

Brynn was finished with school and couldn't wait to get away from her life at home. Now she had her chance, Summer Break. She was headed to her cousins beach house with her 6 best friends: Liv, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Hazza. Life is perfect and nothing could be better, but will she tell the boy she has loved since second grade that she likes him? Will he feel the same way? Will friendships be broken? Will her life ever be the same?


6. Chapter 6- Fading fast

Chapter 6- Fading Fast

Brynn's POV


My eyes widened and I could feel my face go completely pale.


"Did you check in the bathroom downstairs?" I screamed at Zayn choking on a few words.


There was a sudden look of hope in Zayn's eyes. I realized he didn't.


I bolted down the stairs as fast as I could and rushed to the bathroom. The door was locked. He was definitely in there. Zayn knocked o the door, both of us screaming his name. Liam, Harry, and Niall came in and heard us the ran downstairs, noticing Zayn and I were both crying. Liam, Zayn, and Harry all pushed the door, running at it, and body-checking it while Niall hugged me the whole time. The boys broke the door down, and they all stumbled in, with me following.


That's when I saw him. Just lying there peacefully, not moving. Blood leaking from both wrists, and a bottle of pills lying next to him.


He tried to kill himself. I thought.


"No Louis!" I shouted. My sobbing got even louder now. All the boys were crying along with me.


Harry called the ambulance, and they arrived in about one minute.


They barged into the house and took my Louis away from me.


"I'll drive," Liam commented.


We all nodded and ran upstairs and out the door.


| called Liv.




Liv: Oh my god! What happened?


I ended the call because I couldn't talk about it right now. We neared the hospital, my arms wrapped tightly around Niall.


We all ran in, and saw them rushing Louis into a room. We followed, but then they shut the door right in my face.


"Sorry, but you can't go in there right now," A nurse said walking with a tray of food in her hand to the room next door.


"There is a waiting room just around the corner to the left," the nurse added, smiling.


I slowly made my way to the waiting room, and slumped down in the chair next to Niall. I hate waiting rooms in the hospital. They should be called Please sit in this uncomfortable chair for 4 hours, then we can come in and give you the bad news rooms. Then the same nurse came in making me lose my train of thought.


"Are any of you  Harry Styles, or  Brynn Watson?"


Harry and I both stood up, worried, as she hands us both letters. I looked at the envelope and noticed it was from Louis. I handed it to Niall.


"Read it to me," I said calming down now a bit.


Without hesitation Niall took the letter and started reading it aloud.


 Brynn, my sweet, beautiful Brynn. Don't be sad for me. As I am in a better place now. I love you so much and I always have. I didn't want to live in a world where the love of my life doesn't love me back. I hope you find someone special. But promise me one thing. Promise me you will never forget me.


Niall finished the letter, and we both started crying, and he gave me a hug. I looked around the room I was in and noticed that even the people I didn't know were crying at the letter.


Liv, and Ava came in after a moment of silence. Zayn explained everything to them, and I showed them my letter. They both started crying, and each gave me a hug. We stayed there for a while and I fell asleep on Niall's shoulder. I was awoken by Niall gently rubbing my back. A nurse stood in front of me.


"You can go in and see him now. I guess you found him quick enough. He's awake."

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