The Summer That Changed Everything

Brynn was finished with school and couldn't wait to get away from her life at home. Now she had her chance, Summer Break. She was headed to her cousins beach house with her 6 best friends: Liv, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Hazza. Life is perfect and nothing could be better, but will she tell the boy she has loved since second grade that she likes him? Will he feel the same way? Will friendships be broken? Will her life ever be the same?


16. Chapter 16- Family

Chapter 16- Family




Brynn's POV


I was at my house. I had already said hi to my parents and told them my plans for the rest of the night. For once, they weren't being mean. I was getting ready to go to Louis' house for an early dinner. Dinner was at 5:30pm and it was already 5:00pm. Luckily Louis didn't live to far away. I wanted to make a good impression on Louis' family. I put on a simple laced pastel purple dress that went down to my knees. Next I put on my light blue laced toms. Then my pastel yellow, blue, pink, and purple flower crown. I sprayed some perfume on me and put on some light make-up. I looked at the clock. It was 5:15pm. I had some time. Louis' house was a 10 minute walk away. I started walking to his house. I arrived at Louis' house, and I rang the doorbell. Louis answered the door wearing a white and grey striped shirt, some black jeans and a grey beanie. He also had his little sister sitting on his shoulders. He smiled.


"Mum! Brynn is here," He yelled


Jay then came to the door with one of Louis' sisters.


"Brynn this is Daisy, the one on my shoulders is Phoebe, and you already know mum," Louis said introducing us.


"You are so beautiful!" Daisy shouted.


"Well thank-you! So are you!" I responded.


"Lottie! come downstairs and bring your sisters and Ernest," Jay shouted.


"Thank you for coming! Please, come in," Jay added.


I entered the house. It was cozy. Not too small not too big. I was soon greeted by Louis' 6 beautiful, wonderful siblings. There was Louis, Lottie, Felicite, Phoebe, Daisy, Doris and Ernest. They were all friendly and loving. I knew that Louis loved his family more than anything because he kept giving them all hugs and kisses on the cheeks. We all sat down at the table for dinner. We had salad, chicken, fruit, and potatoes. It was super delicious. Louis' family loved me so much and I loved them all back. We all loved each other so much it was great! It was like having an actual family who loved me. I loved it. I was so lucky. We finished the dinner and Fizzy wanted to go to the park. Johanna agreed that we could all go to the park as long as Louis, Lottie, and I could take care of all of the kids. Jay had to clean the house. Us kids went to the park and played tag, and played on the jungle gym. I have to admit it was pretty fun. Louis' siblings were so fun to hang out with. It was like I had siblings of my own. We were at the park for about two hours already. It was beautiful outside. The sun was out shining so bright. It was warm out, not too hot and not too cold. There was a slight breeze, making it the perfect temperature. We headed back to the house at about 8:30pm. Jay had to get Doris and Ernie to bed. When she came back out of the living room, Daisy and Phoebe started to bag Jay for me to stay overnight. Jay was so cool and chill she agreed to me staying. She was literally supermom. She manages raising seven kids, and can still be chill and humorous at the same time.


"Do you want to stay over?" Louis asked his cerulean-cyan eyes shining so brightly.


"Are you sure its okay?" I asked Jay.


"Yeah its fine!" Jay answered.


"Okay I guess I'm staying then!" I announced.


The kids got super excited. Then we all decided to have some ice-cream.


"I have an idea!" Lottie shouted.


"And what's that?" Louis asked grinning at her.


"We should have a warhead challenge!" She said holding up a bag of warheads.


"YES!" Fizzy agreed.


"Okay! But I get to make the rules," I said smiling.


"Oh no," Louis smirked.


"We each have to put eight warheads in our mouths at the same time. One of each color then the rest whichever color you want. Whoever eats all of them with the least trouble wins!" I said.


I knew I was going to win, Liv and I do these challenges all the time. I was the master! We all picked out our warheads.


"1...2...3...GO!" Phoebe shouted.


God they were sour, but I managed to keep my cool. Louis totally sucked at it and had already spit his out. Lottie had a few left eye squints. I licked all the sourness off the best I could without making a face. Finally they were sweet. Daisy spit hers out next. Then Lottie. It was now down to Fizzy, Phoebe, and myself. Nobody spit there's out after that. So we decided it was a tie. Soon after, Johanna called for Phoebe and Daisy to go to bed. Louis, Lottie, Fizzy and myself decided to go to Lottie's room to listen to music. After about 30 minutes of listening to music, I decided I was tired. So Louis and myself went to his room. He gave me an over-sized  T-shirt to wear to bed. We soon fell asleep. Louis' arms were wrapped around me, giving me a feeling of comfort and warmth.

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