The Summer That Changed Everything

Brynn was finished with school and couldn't wait to get away from her life at home. Now she had her chance, Summer Break. She was headed to her cousins beach house with her 6 best friends: Liv, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Hazza. Life is perfect and nothing could be better, but will she tell the boy she has loved since second grade that she likes him? Will he feel the same way? Will friendships be broken? Will her life ever be the same?


15. Chapter 15- Leaving

A/N- The book is soon coming to an end :(  I think there will only be about 20 chapters.  My first Movella has been so much fun, and I wanna thank you for your support! Xx



Chapter15- Leaving


Louis' POV


We were on the plane now. I was sitting beside Brynn and Harry. We all decided we would sleep for the first part of the plane ride, because we were all tired. Zayn, Liam, and Liv were already asleep. I decided to put in my headphones. I played my playlist which was filled with Greenday, The Script, The Fray, and Sleeping with Sirens. I soon fell into a deep sleep. I woke up by hearing Niall say my name. It's so weird when you are sleeping then someone says your name and you can hear it even when you're sleeping. Only, I wasn't being talked to, I was being talked about.


"Just tell Louis already," I heard Niall whisper.


"But what if he never forgives me? I love him too much to lose him, Ni" I heard Brynn sweetly reply.


"Tell me what?" I asked opening my eyes, exposing them to the light.


"Oh, you are awake. Um promise me you wont get mad?" Brynn asked with a worried look in her eyes.


"Okay," I replied.


"Well, um remember that day we went to the park for ice-cream? Well, when we got home. me and Niall were talking. We were both so sad that he was leaving, so he kissed me. And I kissed him back," She said.


"You wha- excuse me for a minute," I replied choking on my words.


I stood up and ran to the planes bathroom. I locked the door, and fell to my knees. Tears were filling my eyes. I just sat there for about five minutes. Then I thought about it. I had to forgive her. I had to forgive them both. They obviously felt bad about it. Also the kiss didn't mean anything. They even had the guts to tell me. I get it, when you are going trough a tough time, you need someone to be there for you. They both had each other. I let myself out of the bathroom wiping away my tears. I walked over to Brynn and hugged her.


"Its okay. I don't blame you. I understand." I said.


"Thank you so much. I love you," She responded.


Next I went over to Niall. I gave him a huge hug too.


"I forgive you too," I say.


I sat back down and Brynn fell asleep on my shoulder. I looked over to Harry who's eyelids fluttered open and a smile grew on his face, his dimples showing.


"Hey," he said in a deep, raspy voice.


"Hey, how is your summer going so far?" I asked.


"Great! Ava, Luke, Ashton, Michael, and Calum were all really fun to hang with. I hope we can stay friends, and see each other again," He answered.


I nodded my head in agreement, then woke everyone else up.


"Hey guys, we're almost landing in New York!" I exclaimed.


They all got up sleepily, and walked off the plane. Pezza and Soph were waiting. So were everyone's families. Except Brynn's... I ran up to my mum. I loved her greatly. I love all of my family so much. Brynn then walked over to us.


"Oh yeah, mum. Brynn and I are dating," I told her.


She had nothing but excitement written all over her face.


"Congratulations!   Welcome to the family!" She yelled.


"Thanks Jay!" Brynn responded laughing.


"So I guess we should get going," Brynn, would you like to come over for dinner with us?" Mum kindly asked.


"Sure!" Brynn replied.

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