The Summer That Changed Everything

Brynn was finished with school and couldn't wait to get away from her life at home. Now she had her chance, Summer Break. She was headed to her cousins beach house with her 6 best friends: Liv, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Hazza. Life is perfect and nothing could be better, but will she tell the boy she has loved since second grade that she likes him? Will he feel the same way? Will friendships be broken? Will her life ever be the same?


14. Chapter 14- The Prank

Chapter 14- The prank


Louis' POV


Brynn came back in about two hours.


"Where were you?" I asked


"I was visiting with Luke, Michael, Calum, and Ashton before we left," She responded.


"Oh, want to go for a quick swim?" I asked.


"Yeah sure!''


We both ran to our rooms to change. I changed into my swim trunks and waited for Brynn. She soon came out of her room with an Ed Sheeran towel wrapped around her.


"Ready?" She asked.




We walked over to the beach and started to swim.


"Lou Bear?"




"I have to tell you something on the plane ride home."


"Okay," I replied. I wondered  what she could have been talking about.


We kept swimming and splashing each other constantly. We had to get out soon though or we would miss our plane. I walked downstairs to my room so I could change, but Brynn just sat at the table.


"Brynn! Do you know where my hair brush and gel are?" I yelled, terrified I had lost  them.


"No I don't sweetie," She replied.


I started to freak out. I NEED MY HAIR PRODUCTS. I love them so much, if I truly lost them, I would die. I started to panic. I searched everywhere downstairs.


"Haz, do you know who took my hairbrush and gel?" I questioned.


"No, I don't Lou. I never saw anyone come down here. Where did you leave them?"


"They were in my bag, but now I can't find them!" I yelled.


Just then Brynn came down the stairs laughing.


"Where are they?" I asked. I realized now that she was the one who took them.


"They are at Luke's house." She responded.


We both walked to the car. I gave Brynn the silent treatment the whole way there. She drove us to Luke's house while I just sat in the passenger seat glaring at her. We finally arrived, and I rushed into Luke's house.


"Where are they?" I yelled


They were all sitting on the sofa and they began to laugh. Just then Brynn walked in.


"Okay guys give Lou the stuff," she said.


"Okay, Okay," Ashton grinned.


Thanks to Brynn they did give it back to me.


"Thanks guys, and I have to admit... it was pretty funny," I mentioned.


We all stood up hugging each other. Then me and Brynn left to pick up the others, and say bye to Ava. Soon we were on our way to the airport, to board plane.


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