The Summer That Changed Everything

Brynn was finished with school and couldn't wait to get away from her life at home. Now she had her chance, Summer Break. She was headed to her cousins beach house with her 6 best friends: Liv, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Hazza. Life is perfect and nothing could be better, but will she tell the boy she has loved since second grade that she likes him? Will he feel the same way? Will friendships be broken? Will her life ever be the same?


11. Chapter 11- The Party

Chapter 11- The party

Brynn's POV


It was already almost 8:00 PM and the party was starting soon. I put on one of Louis' sweaters and some jean shorts and my red converse. I waited for everyone to get ready. We soon walked out the door, and walked to the party. It was pretty close by.


"Who's party is it again?" I asked Ava grabbing Louis' hand.


"Luke Hemmings, he is one of my best friends," Ava replied.


"I will introduce you to him and is three best friend Ashton, Michael, and Calum when we get there," She added.


We arrived at the party and Ava introduced me to Ashton, Luke, Calum and Michael. They were all very nice and funny. I got all of their numbers so I could text them. Then we all went our separate ways. I grabbed a Pepsi (I don't drink alcohol) Just then, some random dude approached me and started to flirt with me.


"Go away! I have a boyfriend," I yelled, then walked away and sat on the sofa. The nasty man followed and started rubbing my leg.


"So what's your name, sweetheart?" He asked.


"Don't touch me pervert!" I shouted.


"You're so cute when you are mad," He said.


So I decided to text Louis


Brynn: Louis, Babe where are you?


Lou: Outside by the fire pit. Why? Where are you?


Brynn:  On the sofa.. some dude keeps hitting on me and I want him to go away.


Lou: I'm coming, boo. I'll even bring Harry. Maybe he can scare him with his tallness and HUGE HANDS! LOL


Brynn: Mkay, but hurry please.


Just as I sent the last text, I saw Louis. He came over to me with Harry and Luke with him.


Luke was even taller than Hazza.


"Go away! My friend doesn't like you. She thinks you are a perverted snicker doodle. So leave her alone thirsty little tootsie roll," Luke commanded.


"Thanks!" I said hugging Luke, then Hazza, and lastly Louis.


"Will you stay with me now Lou Bear?" I asked him.


"Of course I will. I'll never leave you"

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