Beyond Bliss


1. Prologue

"After the worldwide success of the movie "Last Hope", the actor, Neal Feller, currently filming the second part, just brought his new perfume "Beyond Bliss" out, taking him once more to the front page! This star sexy more than ever never stops charming the women, he said..."


“Turn it off Rosa!”

“Don't I have the right to be also bewitched by this handsome man?”

“You aren't five anymore sweetie! Nowadays stars only spend lavishly and appear in public in front of thousands paparazzi!” she said dryly. 

“You're only jealous mum! The fact that you are the ex-wife of Peter Noman doesn't give you the right to forbid me to be interested in someone well-known!”

“Newman sweetie NEWMAN. I'm only saving you going to hell. You'll thank me.”


She turned around and walked away before I could reply something. It's always the same! On the pretext that an incredible celebrity broke her heart I cannot rub shoulders with the great and the good. Which is kinda difficult insofar as I'm the daughter of Peter Newman. Well, daughter is a big word. He is the one who put a spermatozoon inside my mum during a party where they were both drunk, but he's definitely not the one who takes care of me like a father does. He barely knows that I'm alive. Of course, every months he gives us money but he's not here anymore. He asked for divorce when mum told him it was too late for having an abortion. At least he left us the house and always said that if there's something to pay we can call him. But he refuses to admit that I'm his daughter. Some people would think it's hurtful but I don't think anything about it. He wasn't even there for my birth and I don't think we ever had a discussion more than five minutes. It must be said that his work takes up most of his time. He travels all over the world so I can't blame him. My mum doesn't see in the same way as me, she loved him and always will. He was her happily ever after but he is now the man she hates above all. He tore her apart and she will never understand what happened. Be the daughter of a worldwide star and the best lawyer in the United States is not something sensational. I'm always followed by Blake, my bodyguard and by Kelly, my agent. Cause even if I'm not known as the daughter of Peter, I have to be under supervision all day long and my schedule has to be managed by Kelly. She must ensure to give a good image of me. What's more annoying than lack of freedom? 


“Rosalina Maria Dakota!” yelled my mother. 

“Ms. Dakota?” I said ironically.

“I've just got an invitation to go to Peter's event. Do you have something to say for your defense?”

“I don't know what you're talking about.” 

“Don't be ignorant! And you know I won't go.” 

“How did you get it? I swear I have nothing to do with that!”

“Fine,” she said holding me the envelope, “you'll go.” 

“You refuse to go to the reception for the World AIDS Day? Mum! This is THE event! The biggest stars will be there!” 

“We already had a discussion about celebrities, and yes, I do refuse to go and I give you the opportunity to be off to it so stop complaining!”


I fell on her neck without knowing. She's just made me the happiest girl in the world. I've never gone to one of Peter's party and it means so much to me. Moving away to let her breathe, Kelly arrived at the same time. 


“You have two hours to get dressed, make yourself up and do your hair before the party starts Rosa.” 

“Thank you Kelly, let my driver know, we're leaving now.” 




The event took place in the White House, it was barely seven pm, and yet, most of the guests were already there. Blake helped me to get out of the limousine before telling my driver to leave. Almost like all the parties we went, my agent was already in front of the entrance, waiting for us in a coral dress which suited her perfectly. Sometimes I am jealous of her beauty, people are looking at her instead of me, it doesn’t really bother me but like every girl in the world, I don’t like to feel inferior. I wore a black dress, simple but chic, revealing my back. A little red ribbon as the symbol of the AIDS bedecked my dress on a par with my heart. My hair was coiffed in a French twist.


“You are gorgeous Miss Dakota.”

“Same to you Kel…”


I looked up to the person who’s just talked to me and realized that it was definitely not Kelly, but a beautiful brown-haired man with tanned skin and deep sapphire-blue eyes.


“Neal Feller,” he said kissing gently my hand.

“Rosa-Rosali-Rosalina Dakota,” I stammered.

“The much vaunted daughter of the famous lawyer Miranda Dakota,” he said smiling.

“And you, the famous actor who melts down every girl.”


Jeez, did I really say that out loud? Seeing me as red as a beetroot, he took the floor again laughing.

“Come,” he said offering me his arm, “I’m gonna show you around.”


Accepting his invitation, I turned around to Kelly, who was nodding to say that I had the permission to be seen with this man. She joined some workmates, followed by Blake who didn’t have to worry about me insofar as the security of Neal was assured by fifty or so bodyguards without counting the ones in the White House. When we entered, everybody was gazing at us and zillion flashes blinded us. Neal grinned and put his arm on my waist, kissing lightly my forehead, which doubled the flashes. I was not used to have my picture taken like this, even less beside a star. I was joyful and embarrassed at the same time. I didn’t know neither how to posture myself nor where to look anymore. Should I put my arm on his waist too? Should I kiss him? Fortunately, a man appealed the photographers. Tall, brown hair, eyes like emerald and pale skin. He looked at us, smiling sincerely and deceitfully at the same time. I was even more embarrassed than before and I didn’t know if I had to say hello. He released us from the paparazzi and I was so grateful to him, it was the first time I liked the presence of my father because he has never saved my day before. Yet, his look wasn’t comforting as usual. His eyes moved from the right to the left, staring at me, then staring at Neal. The latter didn’t seem to pay attention to what was happening, he was still busy with some photographers. When he was finally done, he showed me the photos exhibition by the “Médecins sans frontière”, a French designation which is equivalent to the doctors who travel all over the world to cure mainly children. To my great astonishment, I saw my father on the photos.


“I didn’t know Peter Newman was a ‘Médecin sans frontière’,” I said calmly.

“Officially for six months, informally for ever!” replied Neal smiling. “He was born in India, when his parents were on vacation, his birth wasn’t expected so he had to stay three weeks in the hospital. During his youth, he wanted to discover the country where he was born so he went to India and he realized that the treatments cost the earth and were rare. When he came back to the United States, he enrolled in ‘Médecins sans frontière’ without any diploma. Well, the stardom of his parents helped him. He started with his country, then, he traveled all over the world and saved a lot of lives. He also got the qualification to be a doctor only six months ago that’s why this information about his career was hidden. He’s kinda a hero, I revere him.”


Dammit, Neal knows more information about my father than I do. He really must admire him. I only knew he was famous thanks to his parents, but I didn’t know his job apart from his travels. I never thought for a moment that he could be a “Médecin sans frontière”. My mum never told me, well maybe she doesn’t even know it! After all, my father isn’t so cruel, he left us years ago, but he saved and -he’s still saving- lives.


“Everything’s okay?”

“Sure. Sorry Neal I was lost in thought. How do you know all of that? Even the press doesn’t know it!”

“Not yet. I told you, this information was hidden but now that he got his diploma, he’ll be only too pleased to tempt the journalists. Enough about Peter Newman, tell me about you. I’d love to know more about you.”

“I don’t have so much to say about me and I’m probably sure you know everything. My mother is the best lawyer in the United States and I don’t know my father. I’ve just begun to modeling and I hope I could create my own clothing line as soon as possible.”

“Indeed, I knew everything, but I prefer when it comes from you,” he teased. “I have something for you.”

“For me? We don’t even know each other!” I said surprised.

“So what? There as to be a first time for everything.”


He waved a waiter who arrived with a tray where a little golden box was standing on it. Neal took it and hold it to me.


“Miss Dakota, would you like to be a credit to me by being the first person who try my brand new perfume ‘Beyond Bliss’?”

“Why do you ask me whereas you can have every girl you want?”

“Why do you ask so much questions and don’t accept the fact that I chose you?”


Shaking my head, I took the little box where “Beyond Bliss” were engraved and thanked Neal.




The end of the party went well, Neal escorted me to my limousine and made me promise that we will meet again. When I was home, I couldn’t help myself trying his gift. “Beyond Bliss” was sweet and fruity. It vaguely reminded me Neal’s perfume. At the bottom of the box, there was a little note with a cellphone number: “This perfume will mark our first meeting. Can’t wait for another. See you soon. Neal.” 

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