Living on Luke

One word changed everything in her life. Faith. An ordinary girl. Living an ordinary life. But she doesn't want to live this ordinary life. Faith suffers from severe depression, and doesn't want to be in the world anymore. She self harms over herself. She posted a picture of herself online, and one word took us to now. Ugly. Until she meets a guy called Luke. Luke decides that she can't go on like this. Luke doesn't expect what's about to happen... Neither do you...


1. My Story


Hey there. I'm Faith. I'm a normal girl living a pretty normal life. I'm 17 and I am living in the shitty country of England. Yeah. As you can kinda tell I'm pretty depressed. Well, anyway, let me tell you the rest of my story. When I was younger I was always extremely self conscious about myself; worrying about not wearing makeup, little features on my body that people wouldn't notice even if they came right up close to me, body shape, everything. All my friends and family call me gorgeous, but I just don't see it. Well, I turned 13 and I posted my very first selfie on Instagram. I thought it was all okay; the pressure was taken off of my shoulders, I felt like I could do anything. It got 62 likes! I felt amazing. Like it was all true. Like I actually was beautiful. Until the next day.

"Ew" "You're ugly" "Some ugly shitface here" "Go kill yourself" "You're just a fucked up girl after likes and comments to help you get through your shit life" "You bitch" "We have seen your wrists, I hope you slit yourself to death"

It hurt so much; it was only yesterday I felt really good about myself, now today just ruined my life. I just didn't understand what had happened really.

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