Living on Luke

One word changed everything in her life. Faith. An ordinary girl. Living an ordinary life. But she doesn't want to live this ordinary life. Faith suffers from severe depression, and doesn't want to be in the world anymore. She self harms over herself. She posted a picture of herself online, and one word took us to now. Ugly. Until she meets a guy called Luke. Luke decides that she can't go on like this. Luke doesn't expect what's about to happen... Neither do you...


6. Luke's House


I can't wait until we get back to my place. There's so much I want to do to Faith. I'm going to make her feel like the only girl in the world, I'm gonna drive her crazy, I'll make her attached to me so much that she won't be able to get enough of me.


So we arrived at Luke's house and he told me it was just us two there. I figured Luke wanted me. I figured he wanted my body so badly. "Let me show you my room babe, it's big enough for the both of us." Luke said as he picked me up and walked upstairs with me in his adorable arms. We were both on the bed looking at each other wildly, until Luke said "babe I'm horny as fuck".

I just bit my lip and said "me too, you seriously have to let me get some of you tonight." Luke grabbed me by the waist and smashed his lips upon mine, his tongue forcing it's way into my mouth, swirling around fighting with my tongue. It felt so good to be snogging the bad boy. He pulled away from my lips and started taking my top off. "I'll help you babe" I murmured as I reached behind for my bra strap, flinging it across the room. "I knew you were perfect all over Faith" Luke said as he squeezed my tits biting his lip. I let out a slight moan as I took his top off. "I'll take my jeans off, you get the condoms babe" he said. I skipped over to the draw and before I knew it he was on the bed stroking his dick. "Babe I'll do that for you" I whispered as I jumped on the bed. I placed my cold lips around the top of his dick, and I stroked my finger along it. "Mmmhh baby" Luke moaned as I started pounding the bottom and sucking the top. "Ohhh you're good Faith, make me cum for you". He clenched his fists and grabbed onto the sheets of the bed as his warm liquids squirted into my mouth. I swallowed it and licked the rest off his dick. I grabbed a condom and slid it onto him, making sure there was no cum on the outside. "Jump on me babe, just fuck me already." Luke said as I got into position and let him slide into me. He started off slowly, biting my neck as teasing me as we went. Then he gradually got faster, grinding into me as moans escaped my mouth. I was breathing super heavily by now, and I knew I was reaching my climax. "Babe!! Oh!! I'm gonna cum!!" I screamed as my juices flowed and I squirted everywhere. I felt Luke's cum fill up inside the condom. He pulled out and said "sit on my face." So I did. His tongue slid through my pussy and I screamed the loudest I had ever screamed. "LUUUKKKEEEEE BAABBEEE OH MY GOD AHHHH" my juices came again an with that I heard Luke say "you taste so good baby, you work on me whilst I work on you." So I took the filled condom and pours his cum all over his dick. I licked it off and teased his balls, sucking on them. I moved up and pounded his dick so hard he came all over my face. By now I was exhausted by all the sex. We cleared up and made sure that there was no evidence for his mom to see. "Babe I can't walk, I can't feel my legs, my stomach is in shreds" I was in so much pain. "Oh, I think you'll have to stay the night baby, I'm not letting my girlfriend go home like this." I wonder whats going to happen over the weekend then...

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