Living on Luke

One word changed everything in her life. Faith. An ordinary girl. Living an ordinary life. But she doesn't want to live this ordinary life. Faith suffers from severe depression, and doesn't want to be in the world anymore. She self harms over herself. She posted a picture of herself online, and one word took us to now. Ugly. Until she meets a guy called Luke. Luke decides that she can't go on like this. Luke doesn't expect what's about to happen... Neither do you...


3. Life down under

Authors Note:

Hey babes! I'm new here, and this is the first fan fiction I've written. Yeah. I'm using my story in this because I know nobody here. So please no judging me because I actually do self harm. I was called ugly on a selfie I posted on Instagram. And I actually do suffer from severe depression. Sorry it's kind of bad. But anyway ILY guys so much and thanks for reading you!! 💗😋🙊


First thing I have to say is OMFG IM LOVING AUSTRALIA SO MUCH!!!!

Life here seems to be going pretty well I think. I've tried forgetting about everything that happened in England, and it's worked.

"Sweetie pie, come here a minute."

I was a little confused as to why my dad keeps calling me like this. I brushed my blonde hair with blue tips out of my messy bun, and wandered across the landing to the top of the stairs. "Coming dad!" I yelled as I flew downstairs to the lounge of my large three story house.

"I've been thinking about getting you back to school here. I mean. It's only a year. But you dropped out at 15. You can't possible have been taught enough yet."

"Um... Dad... What if it happens again?" I asked a little nervous.

"Baby it won't. New country, new house, new school, new start. We are going to make a fresh start from now. Okay? Believe me. You'll be okay."

I was actually excited about this, yet really scared as I came to Australia to start a new life, NOT to get bullied again. Hopefully I could find a few friends, and maybe, if I was lucky, a hot boyfriend!

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