Living on Luke

One word changed everything in her life. Faith. An ordinary girl. Living an ordinary life. But she doesn't want to live this ordinary life. Faith suffers from severe depression, and doesn't want to be in the world anymore. She self harms over herself. She posted a picture of herself online, and one word took us to now. Ugly. Until she meets a guy called Luke. Luke decides that she can't go on like this. Luke doesn't expect what's about to happen... Neither do you...


5. Dazzled

Authors Note:

Hey again guys! I've been at school and I've only just got back, so I'll get writing again! Ily babsss💗


She was stunning. Her hair, her lips, her eyes, her smile, everything. I had a fucking crush on her and nobody could change that. I know one day that I will hold her.


So me and Luke had become really great friends, and I had this HUGE crush on him. He was just so perfect. I mean, blonde hair, blue eyes, lip piercing, it drove me mad knowing he'll never like me as much as I like him. Anyway, he told me to meet him by the lockers, so I skipped downstairs and walk over to where Luke was, locker number 69. Yeah. It's typical Luke. "Hey Faithy" he said with a sexy growl. Why was he so amazing? "Hey I told you not to call me that!" I lightly punched him in the arm and he giggled. "OWH bitch!" He grabbed my waists and tickled me insanely. I gotta say it hurt but I enjoyed every moment of it. He was so god damn cute! "Anyway, Faith, noticed we are alone?" He smirked whilst he stared into my eyes. "Um yeah, why?" "You know, maybe we could get up to something." I was looking at Luke, pretty sure I was smirking as well, as I could feel my checks getting redder and redder by the minute. "I love you Luke" I said as he grabbed my by the waist and dragged me in slowly. "Would you be my perfect, amazing, stunning, gorgeous, sweet, caring girlfriend Faith? There isn't a word to describe my love for you." "OH MY GOD YES BABE" I yelled as I jumped into his arms and squeezed him. I could feel his dick though, he was getting a boner from me squeezing him! "Let me fuck you already Faith, seriously I'm horny as now." He whispered in my ear as he carried me to his car.

Authors Note:

Hey babes! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in like AGES but I've been on a trip with my school and I haven't had access to my phone all week! I'll try and update more often for you though! ILY 💗

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