Life is just one game. You get played by people who think they own you and can control you- the worst part is that they can.
Lizzy is a Naught, she has known all her life that she is inferiors to the supreme Crosses, but she never realised the kind of life they lived until she is snatched from her village by Cross slave traders.
She has to do something, her life has to change. But will new found friends stand by her side in a search for equality? Or will she head to the gallows alone...


2. ~~Two~~

I woke up and the stench of rotting flesh circulated my nostrils. It was sickening, I felt like I was about to vomit. That did not prepare me for what was to come. I slowly turned my head and lying next to me was a rotting carcass...

I screamed with all the strength I could muster, the skeleton was covered in a sheet thin layer of decaying 'skin', and the floor I was say on was coated in the poor kids blood. It must have been a kid, the body was so small.

"If I were you I wouldn't scream, that's what she did..."

Her voice sounded so familiar, and when I turned around I recognised her face immediately. You could barely tell it was her, her skin clung to her bones- you could count her ribs. She worked on the same farm as me. We had worked next to each other since we were six. She tilted her head towards the... towards the body. I shuddered as I looked down at my body. I could barely recognise it- at least I knew all 22 ribs were present and correct, not an ideal way of finding this out though.

"Where are we going?" I said, realising my voice was as shaky as my hands.

"We're going to the crosses," someone said. It was then that I began to comprehend the magnitude of what was going on. Most of the girls from my village were cramped into this tiny, rocking, cramped area. It must be on a train, I have heard of them before but I never though it would be like his. I looked down an isle and about 30 cages stretched down to the other wall, each with 4 girls in them. There must have been over 100 people in there, most of them from my village.

"We're going to be sold as slaves to the crosses"

"Well done genius," a talk slender man stood slumped in the corner. I slid as far away from him as I could forgetting about the body next to me. Something about him sent a prickle down my clearly visible spine. He terrified me, not in a brutal way but in a weird and harrowing way. "You're nothing but white scum anyway."

I wanted so desperately to fight back but I didn't have enough energy. I kept my head down and tried to sleep, curling up to the bars. As far away from the body and the Cross as I could.

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