Life is just one game. You get played by people who think they own you and can control you- the worst part is that they can.
Lizzy is a Naught, she has known all her life that she is inferiors to the supreme Crosses, but she never realised the kind of life they lived until she is snatched from her village by Cross slave traders.
She has to do something, her life has to change. But will new found friends stand by her side in a search for equality? Or will she head to the gallows alone...


3. ~~Three~~

I couldn't sleep, not with the body and the looming figure next to me. I lay awake thinking about my mothers cold, blood stained arm reaching out to me- and me not being able to hold on, letting her go. The cages suddenly jerked forward and the body crumbles onto one of the other girls. She shrieked in terror, and the man walked over and shot her clean in the head. Splashes of her crimson blood flew all over the cart. I felt the warm, sticky liquid seep onto my skin- a feeling I still cannot loose today. I learnt to be quiet that day, a skill I should have learnt from from the start.

They unloaded us of the cart like they were herding animals, they were treating us like animals. We were forced to change into a dress. I had never been much of a fashion guru but I was pretty sure that flea ridded, scratchy wool wasn't in that season. They oiled our skin, my arms felt greasy and I felt ill after eating the food. It was like a thick soup, only it felt like my mouth was on fire. We were then taken to a room were they lined us up and told us not to say anything, I wasn't planning on saying anything after what had happened earlier.

Crowds of crosses poured into the room, sizing us up and bidding on us. Two girls were clinging onto each other, refusing to let go. They pulled them apart and took the smaller one away. The older one collapsed and cried her eyes out. She was takes away by one if the guards- I didn't see her again.

This continued for around three days when someone began to circle me, looking at every inch of my body.

"This one seems in good condition, good worker?"

"Yes, she has worked for me since the age of 4 and is a hardworking and honest child,"

I had never met the man before and cold not believe the lies he was spouting. I had learnt to keep quiet though.

"I'll take her, 15 Gold coins enough?"

15 gold bloody coins? I was worth at least 100...

"No I'm sorry I won't sell her for anything less than 30"



They had sold me... sold me. I was a human this wasn't right. He clicked his fingers and two naughts dragged me to his coach. I was shocked to see other naughts around this place. People in the street spat at me as a walked to the coach.

"In you get then," he said. I didn't like him, he had one of those cold voices that made the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. I began to move towards the coach door when he stopped me and pointed towards a box strapped to the nack by a thin rope.

"You've got to be joking, I'm not..."

He slapped me and I felt the warm blood trickle down my face.

"You will not question me again, understand?"

I nodded and climbed into the box, aware that I had probably already broken a few bones and set out for what I though would be a very painful journey- the speed of the coach and the roughness of the road meant that I was unfortunately very right.

We finally arrived at a great mansion, it was bigger than my entire village. I stumbled along after the crosses, still is heavy metal chains. We wakes through the door into a beautiful room. The walls were laced with gold lining and art work that looked like a photograph. I looked in awe at the pure intricacy and delicacy of the magnificence.

I was ushered to a staircase leading upwards.

"The third door on the left is a filthy room, I want you to clean it. And objections and I think you know what will happen slavegirl. You'll find black bags outside the room. I don't care what your name is, for I am going to call you Slaaf, meaning slave."

I hurried up the stairs and along a pale blue corridor lined with a rich purple, finally reaching the third door along. Taking a deep breath I twisted the golden door handle and walked in, it couldn't be any worse that a cage could it? Hopeful thought ran through my mind only to be followed by scaring doubts, not of death but of something far worse. A life not worth living, the life if a slave.

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