Life is just one game. You get played by people who think they own you and can control you- the worst part is that they can.
Lizzy is a Naught, she has known all her life that she is inferiors to the supreme Crosses, but she never realised the kind of life they lived until she is snatched from her village by Cross slave traders.
She has to do something, her life has to change. But will new found friends stand by her side in a search for equality? Or will she head to the gallows alone...


1. ~~One~~

Life is just one game. You get played by people who think they own you and can control you- the worst part is that they can.

I am a naught. I am worthless and only live my life to polish the dust off the cross' shoes. That's what we are taught from a young age, so much for self esteem.

But I am worth more than that and I know I am. I am smart for my age, I could learn quicker than any cross could, yet I will never go to university, or get a good job, or have a life worth living.

It was a Friday afternoon, I remember it clearly. The sun was rising behind the old oak tree. The golden arms were stretching out through the green leaves towards me, I could almost feel them brushing against my skin- my milk white skin. I was starring into the horizon as the dark sky filled with dancing beams, but it was then that I saw people. People never came to our village, we were naughts, no one wanted to have anything to do with us. They marched across the land sweeping across the beautiful countryside I once called my home. The vibrant grass coated with thick, brown dust. They reached our village and began to ransack the houses. My neighbours and friends were screaming as they ran for their lives. I can still hear them when I close my eyes. The people I once knew, the people I smiled at in the street, the people I hated. I wish I could see them smile one more time. Even hear the poorly constructed insults, hearing voices not screams. It sounds mad but anything is better than the torment, it's all I can hear.

They broke down our door and my mum ran to my room and threw her arms around me.

"You have to run Lizzy, run as fast as you can,"

"Mum, there's no time. They're here, they..."

"Open this door, now!"

I remember the look of pure fear on her face. She was terrified- not even for herself but for me. I didn't understand why, not then.

My Mum pushed me aside, throwing me behind my bed as they burst through the door.

"Step aside mam, we want the girl and we will quite happily go through you to get her,"

"No... No you can't..." She was pleading with the crosses. "Take me, not her, please leave her alone..."

A shot echoed through my head and I couldn't hear, my ears were ringing as I felt a thud against my leg. My mothers lifeless body crumbled at my feet. Her blood was seeping into my clothes, her blood... it ran through the floorboards of her home. I screamed and launched myself at the crosses. They grabbed me and dragged me away. My final memory of my home, was seeing my mother lying next to my bed. Her cold arm stretching out in a pool of her own blood.

Everything went black.

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