Life is just one game. You get played by people who think they own you and can control you- the worst part is that they can.
Lizzy is a Naught, she has known all her life that she is inferiors to the supreme Crosses, but she never realised the kind of life they lived until she is snatched from her village by Cross slave traders.
She has to do something, her life has to change. But will new found friends stand by her side in a search for equality? Or will she head to the gallows alone...


5. ~~Five~~

"What's are you doing in my room? I'll get my father to hang you at the gallows for this slavegirl! Get out now, that's an order!"

He looked about five. I was not going to stand for this.

"You have about as much right to order me about as your father did snatching me away from my family- none,"

"You will not talk like that to me... FATHER...."

I heard footsteps running along the corridor, "What's wrong son," he said.

"The girl, she came into my room and then started back chatting me!"

"Well I ordered her to clean this mess but what's exactly did she say?"

"I didn't say anything wrong I just told him he..."


"No I just..."

"WELL THEN DO NOT SPEAK," his voice echoed through the house like a gunshot, like the gunshot that killed my mother. I felt the words shoot straight through me. I felt his hand sharply across my bloodstained face.

"Emilé," a young Cross, about my age, scurried to the door. "Take the new one to the chamber and lock her up for a week with no food or water. Let's hope she settles in well to this house and learns her lesson."

She pulled me away from the room and dragged me towards a small door.

"Either you go down or I will push you down"

I peered down through the door and decided to take my chances with the ladder that ran about 7ft down. The door slammed behind me and I began to descend.

Days past by, my eyes flitting in the darkness. I found a rat on the 2nd day but I have had no food since then, not a hardship we never had much food at home anyway. I longed to see the sunlight though. To feel the warm rays on my skin again, spreading the glowing sensation around my body.

I missed the sunrise I could see over the old oak tree. I can't remember what it looked like, but I remember the feeling of warmth all over my body after the bitter cold of night.

I remember my mum, her smile, her laugh, her cold arm lying in a crimson pool.

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