High school for ghouls

High schools terrible already so what if it was full GHOULS!!!


2. Homeroom

The bus finally stops. I looked up at the school it looked like somewhere kids would dare other kids to spend the night there. Me and Jaden got up after everyone got off the bus. We started walking to the front doors. This is going to be a long year. We got our class schedules and started walking to class when. Hey it's the newbies from the bus. We turned to see Vlad looking at us. We just kept on walking. We walked into class and sat in the front next to each other. The teacher walked into class and said. Hello children I am Mrs. Ark I'm your homeroom teacher. Everyone just looked at her. Then she suddenly said. Ok then since we know nothing about each other in this room each of you are going to stand up one at a time say your name what type you are and a little about yourself first up Jaden Martin. Jaden stood up. Hi I'm Jaden and I'm a werewolf Olivia's my best friend and ya. Jaden said and then sat down. Next up Olivia Byrne. Mrs. Ark said. I stood up and looked around the room and there were really hot guys in the room. Then I said. Sup I'm Olivia and I'm a shifter Jaden is my best friend and I'm awesome and one more thing the guys in this room are really hot thank you very much. Then I sat down. Mrs. Ark looked at me. Um ok then. She just continued on with people and the type of people in our class are really cool like Dean the angel Deans brother Sam the demon Jax the witch Emma the witch Castiel the angel Riley the zombie izzy the vampire and some other kids. Oh and it turns out Mrs. Ark is a ark angel. I turned around to see Castiel and Dean looking at me once I saw them they quickly looked back to the front of the class room. Weird. I thought.


P.s. I got my inspiration by the fan fiction supernatural high it's a really good story you should check the out just wanted to say that so that people don't think I'm copying so go check out that book. Thx

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