High school for ghouls

High schools terrible already so what if it was full GHOULS!!!


1. first day

Liv's POV


LIV!!! My mom yelled. Ugh. I moaned. LIV GET DOWN HERE THE BUS IS GOING TO BE HERE SOON!!! My mom yelled. I got up and put on my dark blue jeans and my black te-shirt that had a faded gold devil trap on it. I brushed my teeth and brushed my straight dirty blonde hair. I looked like a normal boyish girl. I went down stairs it was my first day at ghouls high. Yes that's right I'm a what you would call a monster but I don't like that term. I'm a shifter I can shift into anything great for scaring people. My best friend jaden is a ghoul to he's a werewolf. It's his first day to so I won't be alone.knock knock. Liv let's go we got to hurry. Jaden said. I grabbed my boyish backpack and me and Jaden ran to the bus stop. We got there just in time because without his super speed and me turning into a wolf we probably won't have made it. We got on the bus to see normal looking kids. Some were messing around with there powers. We started to walk down the aisle when. Hey losers what are you guys Franklin dorks. Vlad said. Some started to laugh others just looked. I don't know are you an a**. I suddenly said. Ooooooooo. Everyone said. Oh a feisty one is she. Vlad said. Get out of our way. I said angrily. Jaden started to growl. Oh is this your little mutt. Vlad said. I should have known he's a stuck up vampire. Jaden said to me. Stuck up that really hurt you know. Vlad said sarcastically. Can you just move. I said. Sure all you had to do was ask. Vlad said in a baby voice as he moved out of our way. Thank you. I said. Oh and by the way I'm only have your problem at the school were going. Vlad said. What could that mean. I wondered. 


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