The Test

Jaiden McCracken and Luke Hemmings are together forever or at least that's what Jaiden assumes ��!


1. Coffee Shop (StarBucks!)

Jaidens POV

Jaiden:mmmhhh it smells so good in here

Jess:let's order


Jess:I want a peppermint frapachinno

Jaiden: one mint chocolate chip cappuccino

Starbucks employee: $10.00

Mystery guy:I'll pay

Jaiden: you don't have to

Mystery guy:your so cute I really want to

Jaiden: ok then thanks I'll pay you back

Mystery guy: nah it's fine you don't have to.

Jaiden: wanna go sit together

Mystery guy: sure,so what's your name?

Jaiden: Jaiden, Yours

Mystery Guy: Luke Luke Hemmings

Jaiden:wait from 5 seconds of summer


Jaiden: well I'm going clubbing tonight because it's my 18th birthday and I should shopping right now

Luke:I'll but your dress and shoes Happy Birthday!

Jaiden: Thanks

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