Pull the Trigger

Marmalade, a non-sociable girl, alcoholic, stonier, and atheist, finally decides to befriend a person who she had thought when to her school since she had seen him many times before at lunch. Little did she know his dark secrets, that lead up to his present and future...


3. The Tour

He stayed behind me as we walked past classrooms and lockers. I had told him a little bit about the teachers I had and have now. Then I had asked him if I could see his schedule, when I looked at it, at first it was hard to read the paper because I kept seeing double then I seen we both had the same exact classes together. He looked at me and said "You've been drinking haven't you, I could tell by the way you read the paper and how you responded to the teacher. Are you always drinking before class?" I look at him and remain quiet for the rest of the tour.  Before we had walked back into the classroom he pulled me aside and said, "Lets be friends, not like the type of friendship you see like these idiots getting hurt, but just the kind that keeps each other company and pushes other people away from us who tries to get close. What do you say, friends?" I reply soberly, "Friends."

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