Pull the Trigger

Marmalade, a non-sociable girl, alcoholic, stonier, and atheist, finally decides to befriend a person who she had thought when to her school since she had seen him many times before at lunch. Little did she know his dark secrets, that lead up to his present and future...


5. The cousin

I looked at him in disbelief like there is no way we could be similar. He stared at me a bit longer than looked away with his hair flipped back into his face. I pull out my whiskey and he grabs my arm and says, "Awwe come on, don't let what I said bother you to the point where you feel you need to drink now." I look at him and laugh a bit saying, "Me letting one little thing you said bother me? Please, I think what you said was obsurd, but that won't bother me." I put away my whiskey and just sit next to him and yawn. He lowers his shoulder and gently pushes my head on him should saying ,"It's ok you could sleep on my shoulder if you are really that tired. Friend. Hey, before I let you sleep, what is your name again?" I look up at him while my head is on his shoulder and say, "Marmalade and yours is Ryder, if I remember correctly." he says, "Yes." He lets me sleep for I don't know how long and I wake up to a girl yelling for me to get up. I wake up and see it's his cousin, I get my head off of Ryder's shoulder and stand up. He tries telling her that I'm a friend but doesn't listen to him. She says to me, "What are you doing with my cousin you freak!?" I look at her with a smirk on my face and say, " I'm emo and we are just friends. You are the head of the cheer leading squad right?" She scolds me and says, "Yes, why?" I whisper in her ear, " I heard a rumor saying that you might get kicked off of the cheer leading squad because one of the other girls is  better than you." I pointed to one of the girls from the squad. ( that rumor was an actual rumor going around school) She left furious. Ryder asks me what I said and I told him what rumor went around school and he laughed. He says, "Wow, smart of you to change the subject to save your ass from her screaming at you. Her screaming at people are very annoying to me." I smile at him. The bell rings and he holds my wrist and says,  "Lets go to class, nerd."

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