Pull the Trigger

Marmalade, a non-sociable girl, alcoholic, stonier, and atheist, finally decides to befriend a person who she had thought when to her school since she had seen him many times before at lunch. Little did she know his dark secrets, that lead up to his present and future...


1. Same old day like any other

My name is Marmalade, I'm 15, and I'm a second year. It's just another day like any other at school. I am alone wandering these halls alone, sitting by myself at lunch, walking home without any friends to socialize with during the day to pass the time. I always sit in the back keeping my head down and am always the one to finish my work. I just relax and avoid eye contact from others around me who try to copy off of my work, but they always get caught. None of my teachers call on me to answer any questions to make sure I'm paying attention because they know I always listen even when my headphones are in to block out the voices of the people around me screwing around and not knowing what the lesson is. When the bell rings I'm usually the last one to leave and just head over to the lockers to switch out the textbooks for the next class I enter. When it's lunch I go into the cafeteria to get my lunch and leave to go outside under the tree to eat. I look up at the sky, smoke a joint, or just take a sip of whiskey. When the day is over I just head home and play music, draw, and finish any homework that I haven't finished during class. 

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