Pull the Trigger

Marmalade, a non-sociable girl, alcoholic, stonier, and atheist, finally decides to befriend a person who she had thought when to her school since she had seen him many times before at lunch. Little did she know his dark secrets, that lead up to his present and future...


2. New Blood

I wake up, get dressed for school. I arrive early as usual, sit in my usual spot under the tree away from everyone else and play music while drawing. I see people casually walk past me while giggling, and I just look at them in disgust. I think to myself "What's the point in having friends if all they will do is just betray you in the end. I mean I seen it happen many times to people, betraying others and making new friends. Giving them their trust, just to be humiliated and hurt. Well that's life I guess." I pull out a cigarette, light it, and smoke it all til the before the bell rings. When the bell rings flick the cigarette on the floor and step on it to put it out. I go into the school's halls and walk pass the huge crowd of people. I open my locker and place most of my books inside. I look to the side of me and see someone I never seen before. "That's odd, no one ever had a locker next to mine," I thought to myself.  I walk over to my first class and before I walk in, I drank some whiskey to take my mind off of the things that will be going on around me. I walk into the class and I see that new person getting introduced to the class. The teacher turns to me and says "Marmalade, could you give the new student a tour around the school?" I look at the teacher and respond slightly slurring from drinking a bit too much," S-s-suuree."

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