Pull the Trigger

Marmalade, a non-sociable girl, alcoholic, stonier, and atheist, finally decides to befriend a person who she had thought when to her school since she had seen him many times before at lunch. Little did she know his dark secrets, that lead up to his present and future...


4. 1 Friendship..

Since I was the teacher's "star student," the new kid sat next to me instead of the obnoxious first year girl who had sat on my left. She was a third year, but you would think she was an immature eighth grader based upon the way she speaks and acts towards others. In a way I was relieved, I didn't know how much longer I could stand her sitting beside me. The new student's name is Ryder, he's the same age as I am, and is also a second year. (I only knew that because he had to stand up before the class, like all new students do, and say his name, age, and grade he is currently in.) He isn't like the others, he's more like.... like me. The bell rang for class to be dismissed, as I got up from my chair he grabbed the back of my back pack and whispered into my ear, "Follow me." I began following him not knowing we are going, I seen people stare at me and him as he holds my wrist so I won't lose him. He looks back and says don't be going around spreading rumors that we are a couple now. I look at him and roll my eyes while walking. Finally we stop under a tree where people stopped using to leave the campus after being caught. He pointed out at one of the cheerleaders he tells me how he knows her, she's his cousin. I look at him puzzled and say, "That's your cousin, she's super preppy and your emo as I am, sorry but you don't seem like a guy who would enjoy being a relative to a complete girly girl who uses others for personal gain." He looks at me with a concerned look and smirks looking down chuckling, "Hahaha, you're cute. Me and her have been close cousins ever since I could remember, she was the one who begged me to go to this dam school. Thanks to her, I never would have been able to make a friend on my own who is similar to me."

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