I'm Crazy

A girl in a mental hospital who has never seen the outside, who doesn't know her name, Who doesn't know what real life is like.


1. One

She felt the cold air on her frozen skin, she felt the breeze kiss her cheeks. The old grandfather clock struck 12 in the corner of her isolated room and she lie there breathless, Under some tartan rags she uses as a bed.. That's all she has. The old floorboards creaked loud as she sat up from her long night slumber, She stood up and walked to the window to shut it. But it already slammed shut, Petrified she jumped back into her rags and ran to the door, It was frozen shut she slammed her hands down on it once, twice and three times. Barefoot her feet got pierced by the glass from the shattered mirror she had smashed, She couldn't stand her own reflection. Blood from her feet trailed round the room as she kept going in circles, Slowly... One step, two step. You see in this type of hospital you arnt treaten with care, This is the hospital where they lock you in a room... Letting you die of you own craziness. Her long ripped skirt followed her as she kept circling. Then she let out a scream, Clawing her sharpened nails down the walls. She soon calmed down and circled once more and as the clock struck one! She fell down to her slumber once again... Mumbling her rhyme in her sleep, 'Cloras Cloras Buen Cloras Cloras Buen' It was her own language nobody could understand... The clock struck two up she jumped again like every second chime she would hear, She would awaken she staggered to the door to lift up the handle to try to free herself and failed she tried again and again and then collapsed in tears... She then spent the next 3 hours clawing away at the door not coming away to slumber staring at the door... Like she was frightened of what was on the other side... There was a sudden hiss...

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