The Audition

Arizona tries out for her band and everything ends up going wrong.

Read to find out more!!!

The name Jesus is pronounced Hesus, just with a "J".


1. 15 January 2013

Dear Diary, 

     Today at school I had seen this flyer for the school wide band audition and I had decided to sign up. Like you should know, I don't really do these types of things and even with my own experience with auditions I could just feel that this one was going to be different. Usually I would fumble with my fingers, be to nervous to play, or even just be to nervous to even get on the stage (Technically it's my gym floor, but stage sounds better).

     Anyways, I couldn't stop staring at the new kid in school. He's in most of my classes and I'm going to get caught staring at him one of these days. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you his name, I'm pretty sure that it was Jesus. 

     Thanks for listening to my blabbering again Diary. Update you tomorrow!!

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