But I didn't do anything!

"Just because I was accused doesn't mean shit!"
Meet Max Scotts - The towns good girl gone bad. Everyone thought that she was the one that killed her father. Truth is all that happened is her witnessing it happen. Everyone knew her father was a drunk and that her mom left her with a deadbeat father. But once he died no one believed her when she said she didn't kill her father.

Now meet Ryder Brooks - The towns notorious bad boy. Once he catches wind that Max is moving back to town after 4 years in boarding school in England he was pissed. Last time he saw Max was when he was in love with her without knowing her. Now that she's back and her father is dead. She has to move in with the Brooks family because their parents were such great friends. He starts snooping around in her past and accuses her of killing her father.

Now all stories end up with the good girl ending up with the bad boy right? Well maybe not this time


1. Boarding School

Before you read this book everything will most likely end up in Max's POV, but if its not I'll let you know!


Hope you enjoy this book!.






"Okay I got it! I have to live with that fucking asshole in California because you all think I'm not anorexic right?" I know what you're thinking. Why am I in England at "Boarding School" Yeah about that Im in rehab because I'm anorexic. Yeah, Yeah whatever I don't care. Well anyways let me explain.


About 3 years ago I moved to Maine with my mom to get away from my dad. Well with everything going on I became anorexic and cut myself. You see stress, anxiety and depression don't mix well. So I rarely ate and became ill real quick. It scared my mom so she sent me to England to get better. Well turns out me gaining 5 pounds in 2 years was good enough for me too go home. Well fuck that. I'm not going home I'm going back to Anaheim, California. Best of all I'm living with my drug addicted, alcohol problemed, dead beat dad. Oh and of course the famous Ryder Brooks. There was a dumb rumor he was in love with me. Yeah right he hated my guts. Yet I still had hope that maybe he did. I sat on the plane waiting for it to take off. I just didn't want to go back to California. I hate Anaheim. The only good thing about going back is hockey. My favorite sport. 

Thirteen hours later

I landed back in California. I walked down the terminal to the baggage claim. I grab my bags hoping that all my other stuff was shipped here. I see my dad waiting I walk up to him. "How was your flight" James my dad asked me. "Look dad I know you feel bad about leaving me with my mom, but we all know I didn't have a choice but to come back here." I paused and looked him in the eyes "I just want to get all my school shit done and out of the way so I can go to college in two years." He laughed "You're only a junior and its November, you got some time ahead of you." We started to walk to the car he put all my suitcases in the back as I went to the front seat." And trust me I know that I shouldn't have let you go with your mother and have had you stay with me but I didn't have a say. I wanted you to stay with me but your mother packed all your things and when you came home told you to say goodbye to me and you guys just left me here." I stared at him in a shocked silence. "Wait a minute dad so mom brought me to Maine and you didn't do anything to bring me back here?!?"

The rest of the ride was filled with awkward silence, as soon as we got home I got out of the car and walked into the house. I remembered what room was mine from what he told me on the phone and went straight to my room. I walked in and saw my boxes of things. I ripped one open and grabbed running clothes and stripped down and changed into my running skins and my favorite sports bra. I put on my favorite sweatshirt and looked out the window to see my neighbor staring at me. I glared at him then I realized who it was. Ryder Brooks. Well look at that. The guy I hate lives right next to me. How awesome. I flipped him off changed my shoes and ran outside and went on a numbing run. Unfortunately for me Ryder started running with me. I just needed to out run him but was soon pulled to a stop. I ripped out my headphones and started yelling at him. "What the hell are you doing you perv!!?!?!?!?!? I'm trying to blow off steam!" I ripped my arm out of his hold and started running again but yet again was pulled to another stop this time i couldn't get one word out. "Look I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood and do I know you from anywhere you look so familiar.


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