But I didn't do anything!

"Just because I was accused doesn't mean shit!"
Meet Max Scotts - The towns good girl gone bad. Everyone thought that she was the one that killed her father. Truth is all that happened is her witnessing it happen. Everyone knew her father was a drunk and that her mom left her with a deadbeat father. But once he died no one believed her when she said she didn't kill her father.

Now meet Ryder Brooks - The towns notorious bad boy. Once he catches wind that Max is moving back to town after 4 years in boarding school in England he was pissed. Last time he saw Max was when he was in love with her without knowing her. Now that she's back and her father is dead. She has to move in with the Brooks family because their parents were such great friends. He starts snooping around in her past and accuses her of killing her father.

Now all stories end up with the good girl ending up with the bad boy right? Well maybe not this time


2. Back Home and to the hospital we go.

In Max's P.O.V

Shit this can't be happening he can't know its me! "Wait......... Max? Oh god it is you! Shit look I'm sorry continue with run." He started walking away and I just stand there dumbfounded "Are you fucking kidding me?!" He stopped and turned around. "I'm sorry what was that?" Fuck. I put my headphones back in and start running I can hear him running towards me so I pick up the pace trying to make sure he doesn't catch up to me but all of a sudden I'm tackled and my breathe is knocked out of me but I still can't breathe. "Sorry you ok?" I shake my head because I can't breathe. He soon realizes it and picks me up and brings me to his car and starts driving. "I'm bringing you to the E.R. I'll call your dad and tell him what happened ok? Just don't talk you need that breathe." I shake my head slowly but start seeing black dots and next thing I know Im passed out in Ryder's car. When I wake up I'm in excruciating pain and its all in my ribs. I look around and see my dad on the couch next to Ryder I try to speak but I can't because my throat is dead dry. They look up and see me and rush to my side. Ryder hands me a glass a water and I take it gladly. When I can finally talk, it comes out hoarse and all I manage to say is "What happened to me?" My dad glares at Ryder as he takes a deep breathe and starts talking "We were talking while you were running and you said something I couldn't hear but you started running again and I tried to get you to stop but you wouldn't so I tackled you." All I could do was stare. After awhile I spoke up "So you tackled me!!?!! I'm sorry but you couldn't just wait till I finished my run?!?!?! God! Dad please get me out of here!" He stared at me like I was crazy. "Max I can't you broke 2 ribs and they want to make sure you'll be ok. You have to stay here for another night maybe two before you can come home." God this can't be happening what did I ever do to deserve this! Ugh "So are you gonna stay here with.." "I'm staying here in place of your dad." Ryder so rudely interrupts me "Wait what? you can't be serious. Dad why aren't you staying with me?" God why does he have to do this too me? "Well sweetie I have a business trip I'm going on tomorrow so Ryder said he would stay with you." "Really?! You know what fine whatever, just go pack for your trip see you when you get back." I turned away from him. I mean I just get from England I end up in the hospital with broken ribs and Ryder Brooks is staying in the same hospital room with me. Just great.



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